Time Sensitive

I watch the ticking of the clock

I see the hands move way too fast Time

I hear the beating of my heart

And wish the day would simply last

Longer than the twenty four

That are set by God for me

He must think my list “to do”

Can be done by half past three

My heart pulls up

An ancient verse

That says my times

Are in His hands

And I remember to surrender

All my own ideas and plans

Then the peace comes

As it will

Every time I rest in now

And I breathe

With deep relief

That He knows

The where and how

“Rest, My child,

In Me, you’ll find

All the day

Is peace of mind.”


(c) Robin Lawrimore, August 2012



2 thoughts on “Time Sensitive

    • Robin L. Lewis

      Oh my friend! I thank you so much! We certainly have had days together worth remembering and celebrating! Like that time in Farnham where we talked most of the night about what God was showing us – remember? He always leads to freedom! I love you!


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