Here Is The Truth About the Edge

We walked on sand next to water – along the edge.  With sun beating down, with rain sometimes falling, we talked and sat and waited.  We shared hearts and enjoyed.  There are a thousand stories the ocean tells and we were there to listen.

I love life next to the edge of the sea and this is what I saw…. starfish broken but healing, each oyster shell a unique and bumpy design, a man of peace baiting hooks hoping for a catch, children running with buckets of water, surfers and a captain of catamarans.  Women in hats, a wedding party, a toad fish rescued from a hook searching for the safety of the waves, rain drops that cool skin.  The sound of the ocean, the heavy saltiness of the air…it all comes together in a sea of experience.

But there was more… peace was there at the edge and I was out to live under a very big sky that always reminds me my Father can handle anything that concerns me.  We were the audience for the waves that sing of His faithfulness, that fall over with the lace of petticoats and run towards us on the shore like they want to kiss our feet.

beachI walked to the point where the water comes into the creek and watched the tide return.

Are we not all like the healing starfish, the bumpy oyster, the fisherman hoping?

God is always seeking you.  Every sunset.  Every clear blue sky.  Every ocean wave.  The starry hosts of night.  He blankets each new day with the invitation…”I am here.”  ~Lou Giglio

I am a traveler, a sojourner, not a tourist.  I am not what I once was, but am always becoming more as I engage with the earth and people around me, as I stop to see what is there.  And Jesus did this incredible work of creating all we see and I don’t want to miss any of it.  I want to live life on the edge so as to accept His invitation and grasp all the senses can contain as a gift, thankful in the moments, a noticer of the God-deposits in a day.  In that way, I look God in the eye and see Him in all that surrounds me.

Life on the edge is intentional, searching for the significant, face to face.  More than an observer – a participant.  Our lives here are brief and I want to take hold of Him and take hold of all He has placed in my path as I live more fully…expecting Him to dazzle me in a way that makes me want to shout and dance with joy as He reveals always more.  It is the knowing the Father more fully that makes fear shrink away.

It is God’s kindness that displays itself before me, that changes me, that draws me to repentance, that loves me through the earth-gifts, the people-gifts, for nothing and no one is ordinary.  He helps me when days are beauty and when days are ugly.  And He helps me love, and the smaller I feel at this life on the edge, the more I realize my true significance.

And I am blessed.


Connecting with Seedlings in Stone….Writing Landscapes.

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(c) Robin Lawrimore, August 2012


8 thoughts on “Here Is The Truth About the Edge

  1. Jodi

    This is beautiful!! I love the ocean….so overwhelming and so peaceful, both at the same time! The ocean is always a conversation starter between me and God and I could stay there forever……….
    Thank you for sharing this, I felt like I was there. Love, Jodi


  2. Rosa

    I so appreciate the reminder of how God is so very near…He is everywhere, if we are only aware of it. Such a comfort. And the words..’I am not what I once was , but I am always becoming more’. There is such hope in those words. Thank you, Robin. I love reading your posts.


  3. Sisterlisa

    “a participant” <<<that's exactly it! I love that you ended this with the graphic "Out to live, be back soon" teeheehee ahhh abundant living.. freedom to enjoy this life. Great article.


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