Don’t Keep Jesus in the Living Room

I have friends who could come over and make their own coffee, asking me if I want some too.  This would not bother me at all.  These are the friends I have the deepest relationship built over years.  We have shared our hearts over problems and laughed at mistakes and encouraged each other.  We speak into all areas of each others lives with honesty and freedom.

There are other acquaintances who should call first and wouldn’t get past my living room unless they needed the bathroom.  The relationship there is more surface.  We do not know each other as well, and the depth or shallowness of relationship determines the boundaries.  We tend to let people further into our lives as a relationship deepens and trust builds.

I remember my salvation experience at age 9 watching Billy Graham preach on black and white television.  I felt the pulling invitation of the Holy Spirit and in a moment’s time, I knew my need and yielded my heart.  Looking back, it felt like Jesus scooped me up as one of His own.

Salvation, the restoring of my relationship with God, was only the beginning.  I didn’t know it then, but it was like learning how to walk all over again.  I was changed inside as the title to my life changed hands, now held by the One who placed the highest value on my life — His own.

If you think of a life as a house, Jesus was now the new owner of  my house and was welcomed in the front door because He had been given the keys.  That change allowed Him access as Savior, but for Him to become Lord of every area of my life, I would need to let Him past the living room and into the rest of the house.  As our relationship deepened, I would find Him showing me things in my life that needed to be healed, changed, restored.  He pointed out wrong beliefs, experiences where my life was negatively affected, and every time I can choose to allow Him to bring about more wholeness or I can refuse it.

Picture Jesus and me sitting in the living room.  He has visited several times and asks if He can see more of the house.  He says He has noticed a place where the roof is leaking and asks if I will allow Him to show it to me so He can repair it.  He may ask to see my closets, where I’ve hidden things I didn’t want Him to know about.  He may want to see the basement, where the damp and dark parts of me are stored away in boxes – some of which I cannot remember the contents.

Every time I yield to His request, I find He is right – there are things in my life that need to be better, whole, restored.  When I allow Him access to these areas, He does the job – gently, without punishment, without condemnation, and I am more free.

This is a picture of Lordship – of allowing Jesus to become Lord of every area of my life, removing anything standing in between Him and me.  And I’ll be honest, it doesn’t usually feel good to have something disturbed, especially something painful, maybe where I have to remember something done against me and move into forgiveness, or where I am guilty of doing wrong to another.  It may be exposing a lie I have believed and based my life upon.  But He is faithful and will continue to work with me in love because He wants me to experience the wholeness only He can give.  Like the plowing of a field to make it ready for seed that bears a great future harvest.

If you want more wholeness, here’s a prayer shared with me and you can use it to get you started.

“Lordship Prayer”

Lord Jesus, I acknowledge my need of You and accept You as my Savior.

I invite you now to be Lord over the whole of my life:

Lord of my human spirit and all my spiritual awareness and worship,

Lord of my mind, attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and imagination,

Lord of my emotions and the expression of my feelings,

Lord of my will and all my decisions,

Lord of my body, physical health, exercise, diet, rest, and appearance,

Lord of my sexuality and all its expression,

Lord of my family and all my relationships,

Lord of my workplace, and my service to others,

Lord of my material goods and my perceived needs,

Lord of my finances and how I handle money,

Lord of my plans, my ambitions, my future, and my destiny.

Lord Jesus, I invite You into every area of my life.

I know You are trustworthy and gentle and want the best for me.

Help me to yield to You.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Don’t keep Jesus in the living room.  Let Him into every room of your house.  In Revelation 3 it says He stands at the door and knocks.  He is not knocking on the doors of those who do not know Him.  He is wanting to enter the lives of those who already have a relationship with Him, but still need healing, changing, renewal.  That is you.  Invite Him into the secret place, meet with Him there, and feel the love He brings as He carries you forward into all He dreams for you.

Jesus is Lord!

(c) Robin Lawrimore, August 2012

(Lordship Prayer based on one used by Ellel Ministries International)


4 thoughts on “Don’t Keep Jesus in the Living Room

  1. Jane Hillyard

    Hi Robin, I do like that picture…may I offer another that I use frequently, courtesy of Grahame Cook.
    The short version…. I know you will embellish beautifully!
    Imagine your lounge room as the place of perfect rest, comfortable, peaceful, furnished as you will. Enjoy the serenity. Now allow in every negative thought, every anxiety etc. Feel the difference. Now take each issue, fear etc and allocate it a room, a small closet big enough for it, you and Holy Spirit and lock it away. When each one is completed return to your relaxed, joyful living room and enjoy the peace once again. Now you control each issue. When it is time, go with HS to an issue deal with it in prayer, declaration etc but leave turning the key.
    Now put rest as the guard dog at the entry to your house turning away most of the stuff. What is allowed in, gets escorted to its closet for future reference. Nothing now disturbs your rest….hallelujah!
    I send this not particularly for publication, just thought you might be interested, love Jane


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