Honest Whispers


“Do you think there’s a chance that we might always be together?” she whispered this into the air, waiting, but knowing there would be no response.  There would not be one because he wasn’t there at the time.  This was an honest question from her heart, but a bit of a practice session all the same.

Image“Because I want someone for always.  Someone like you,” she said.  It felt good to whisper questions into the air.  It helped her heart heal, these honest bold statements that a real woman, a strong woman would speak.

Her openness and tenderness and vulnerability were returning.  She now could ask to be held in the way a child might ask, reaching.  She always found him reaching back, their hands and arms finding the other in rest.

Her dinosaurs, one by one, were crumbling into dust and being swept away by Heaven’s big push broom, almost like God was a museum custodian in coveralls and a cap.  He did not stop until the job was done and the windows open for a little more fresh air.

Yes.  She was finding it easier to breathe and breathe deeply. Love Oxygen flowed into parts of her where stale, musty air had remained undisturbed, even protected for years.  But this man had disturbed these rooms, reaching for more and more of her without sometimes a single word.

She loved it when he wanted her near and would position her next to himself, like she was his treasured possession, pulling her in close.  {Cherished.}  She was beginning to feel cherished.  She could pause in these moments of closeness and it felt like all of who they were together slowed down while the world raced on by unaware.  Their protected air space didn’t belong to anyone else.  They could breathe in and out fresh thanks, and lean easily on the chest of love. ~

The Apostle John referred to himself as “the one whom Jesus loved” because he was so certain of and held an open heart for the love Christ freely offered.  The Bible tells us that at supper, he rested his head on Jesus’ chest.  He knew who Jesus was for him, and was open to the love and acceptance of God’s Son.  Because of that relationship, as He hung on the cross, Jesus gave responsibility for His mother, Mary, to John.  He would take care of her.

I am thankful for the love relationship between a man and a woman as a picture of what we have in Christ.  A beautiful earthly experience for those submitted to His Lordship and open to letting His love change them.  We all have to change to be able to receive the love of God.  May we all learn to rest against Jesus, knowing, certain that His love for us is perfect – not lacking anything we need.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, September 2012 – For Selah on her 5th birthday, a child who easily receives love and calls me Gwappy.



6 thoughts on “Honest Whispers

  1. Anthony Baker

    Robin, I don’t want to ruin the poetic mood of this heartfelt and touching post, but while admiring the photo of the lovely young woman on the beach, questions started popping into my head. For one, why would anyone sit on a beach with the chair facing away from the water? Secondly, why doesn’t the legs of the chair sink into the sand? Thirdly, who took the chair out to the beach? And fourth, is that a bath mat next to the rock in front of the chair?

    I’m sorry. These are just questions I had to get off my mind.


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