He Loves

“For God so loved.”  If you forget everything else this weekend, keep and hold onto this: you are loved.  You are eternally and incredibly loved – just like you are – unrelated to your performance, success, failures, hair color, fashion, car, house, or bank account.  You are totally loved and accepted – no matter what someone else has said about you, no matter your job performance review.

And not only are you loved, you are watched over, sung over, hovered over, guarded.

Let these truths sink in and become self-evident.  Feel the love of the Father as it seems to settle around you, while everything else – all the cares – fall away.  They cannot stand in the presence of peace because your spirit cannot focus on the completeness of God and these small, earthly concerns at the same time.

Rest.  Let your spirit, soul, and body rest against Him.  Just for now.  Let Him fill you up.  You’ll be able to handle the cares as He directs, but for now, rest.

Blessings of peace to you~


(c) Robin Lawrimore, October 2012


4 thoughts on “He Loves

  1. supashmo

    Funny thing about that last paragraph, I had to figure that out this past Thursday, when I was strung out physically, mentally, and spiritually. I felt God call me into his fold just to rest, not do or say anything, just to close my eyes and rest in Him. I only had about 10 minutes, but with God, that was enough to get me through the day.


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