When You’re Being Pulled through the Narrow Place

Seems like the giants are lined up to take a whack at me.  And if it’s not me, it’s my sister or friend or child.  There’s the bank that messed up my credit card, the cell phone company who won’t give me credit for what I’ve paid, and the personal fears that used to reign who want their place on the throne of my life again.

People who need more life seem to come out of the woodwork with their sites set on your air.  And you pray and try to figure out who needs to hear no, who to hug, who to ignore, and how to have good boundaries.  Who really needs care and who just wants you to be responsible.  (There’s a difference between serving and catering to someone.  Jesus served.  He didn’t cater.)

Usually when circumstances come in rows, these are giants lined up to prevent your forward movement.  Some you fight, some you don’t fight, some you ignore, but with all… with every battle, you look to God.  He is “God of the Angel Armies” and He has promised you and me certain things – words from Him that come strung together like pearls in your spirit, that give direction and strategy, pearls that encircle you.

If everything around you is attempting to distract or derail, it is because God has a plan for your future that is unfolding like a carpet before you, stepping-stones you had not seen, and when walking through….through this time will get you where you need to be.  So don’t let go of Him.  Continue to refocus as many times as necessary on His face.  Be still in His presence.  Sit with Him.  Quiet your mind and listen to your heart and wait.

In English cities, you can see alley ways that are narrow and dark between buildings and they tunnel through to the next street or park.  They are called a “close” because the walls are so darned close together.  When life feels closed in on every side, it is vital to remember that we have an Advocate!  He is Jesus Christ.  When we are worried about the steps, there is the handrail, and better yet…the Hand.  The same Hand who fashioned you into being is the one that will never let you go.

Can you let the pulling through be part of your story?  A place of value and experience, risk and redemption, where you travel to the next place in your journey here?  I hope so.

There is personal treasure gained by doing more than simply surviving.  This is how we learn to live.

And when the way is narrow and it feels like you’ll never make it through, imagine what it will look like in your rear view mirror…once you are on the other side.  And this step in the journey will ready you for the next one, and there will be laughter and friends and new places.  So put on the best music you have for dancing.  There’s room enough here for your feet to move.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, October 2012

~ Dedicated to my youngest, Rachel Anna, who will turn 24 on the 24th and is hiking the Grand Canyon this week to celebrate while writing a good story with her life.  Happy Birthday, my dear! ~


10 thoughts on “When You’re Being Pulled through the Narrow Place

  1. Paula Cribb

    When your walking through that narrow tunnel,remember what HE said Narrow is the way…..Trials are blessings in disguise.I myself am learning that.You will walk through those tunnels Robin and come out victorious on the other side 🙂 You cant loose,you are the daughter of The Most High God…Abba…I pray HIS Holy presence surround you,hug you and whisper I love you child when those tunnels seem longer than they need to be.Walk on! I love you!


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