How Do You Create Stillness?

fire hydrant The last three days were spent out-of-state in high paced training for a new job.  I felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant.  My brain feels like a leaking sponge.  And sleeping on hotel beds?  I need some stillness.  Can stillness be created in all this rush?

My goal this month…to stop in moments….to create opportunity to sit and think, to hold hands, grandchildren, be simple, small, give long hugs, gentle kisses, listen to friends talk….without thinking about what I am supposed to do next. Yes, stillness, simplicity, abiding. I want it.

And yet I can still the activity and noise around me, but not have stillness inside.  My heart can beat way too fast due to the thoughts racing  – all due to what I really believe at the time.

The most well-known leaders, inventors, and writers took time daily alone to think.  They blocked out time because they knew the value in the stillness. When I say I don’t have enough time, I am just choosing to use my time differently.  I hear the clock woman sitting, biketicking as I type this.  Do you?  Do you even feel guilty for taking time to read something about stillness when so much around you is making demands?

If I want time for stillness, I must take it, make it happen.  I am not always motivated or desire choices that represent my value ~  Because of what I truly believe…about myself, my capabilities, my life, my potential.

If we don’t leave some margins, there won’t be places for God to write into our lives.  ~Bob Goff

They say we make about 3,000 choices a day and I am getting better at choice awareness, at choosing what God is speaking into my heart.  Learning to listen isn’t easy when a lifetime of neural pathways want you to walk them again.

So what is my heart telling me?

“Be still and know (remember) that I am God.”              (Psalm 46:10)

There is so much value in listening to our hearts and choosing, and we are so afraid of making a mistake – at least in the Western hemisphere churchy world – and we don’t get still and listen. Being busy or even looking busy is a trap because we think we must look productive.  We forget that creative productivity is found by living in peace, finding stillness, making that a priority.

volume knobWouldn’t it be great is our hearts had a volume knob and we could choose to listen and turn up the volume of what God is saying there?  Actually hear it expressed?  What if that cleared up confusion that is bouncing like static?  What if we knew what we wanted …. and did it?  What if we could let go of the fear of making mistakes and just choose?

Does this resonate with you?  Because it really feels good to my heart right now.  I am an individual, a person of worth and value, and someone who God cares deeply about – even if I am sometimes worried about potential mistakes.

And I feel the stillness, the peace, as I let go and listen to my heart, listen to the voice of God in me.  My performance seeks to put Him in a box, but He will never be caged.  No, He wants me to know Him – even when it coincides with my mistakes – because knowing Him is the main reason for my existence.  And receiving of His peace, His stillness is the benefit of security in Him.

I like that much better.

The fact that He came…to be with us, drawing us aside again and again (Matthew 6:31) to know Him, sit with Him.  He is Immanuel and that is the best gift of all…“God with us” continually. 

And I can have this peace, this stillness…without thinking about what I am supposed to do next.  My gift from focusing in on God in the moment.  For it is THIS moment that I have, that is mine to choose how I will use it.

What do you see inside this very moment?  What is the Father speaking into your heart?  For He is truly with you.  Stop, breathe, and feel His presence with you.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, December 2012

{May your Christmas be peace in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.}


2 thoughts on “How Do You Create Stillness?

  1. Rosa

    Robin, what timely words. Stillness..simplicity…abiding…my spirit sighs,ahhhh. When I read the words “what if you knew what you wanted, and did it “, I knew exactly what it is I want…then the ‘chatter’ starts, and fear of ‘what will I miss if I just do that’ …but I am getting there, it will take intentionality.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Rosa, so good to hear from you. I understand and am there with you – praying God renews my mind towards His purpose and fills me with Holy Spirit intention that feeds faith over fear, that squashes all compromise. I celebrate His coming and that He continues to raise the dead in me to new life. I pray the same for you, dear friend. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas!


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