Believe ~ 2013

Intrigued by the idea of choosing one word as a theme for 2013, I joined the folks at One Word 365.

Forget those New Year’s Resolutions. Scrap that long list of goals you won’t remember three weeks from now anyway. Choose just one word.

One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live. One word that you can focus on every day, all year long.

This is about living intentionally.  About letting your one word be a filter, a guide for how you use your decisions, time, resources, purpose, and life so that it impacts your life and spills over onto others.  It might be what steadies you.  It might be what you need.

One word.  365 days.

John Maxwell’s latest book is The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  Just six chapters into it and my thinking is already challenged.  I knew instantly what my One Word would be.

What I need is to believe…Photobucket

… more of Who God says He is, more about my calling and potential, more about the restoration and forward movement of my life for where I am now.

As Christians, we don’t like to have to admit that we don’t always believe what God says.  It can be difficult if physical reality is preaching something other than what you hope will be.  As 2012 was being lived out, I was challenged to change my thinking in many areas, but my problems and over-concern were always to be found in pockets of unbelief.

God is positioning me, and many others, for forward movement and some things promised, prayed for, waited for over years are within reach…and the closer I get to stepping onto that highway, the more challenged I am to actually believe these things can happen.

If all hell seems to be coming against your dreams, then you are in good company.  I believe the Lord wants to do some big restoring in many lives.  We can defeat fear by taking small steps and refusing to put off what we know we were created to do.  It is for now.  I love football and touch downs are made by making progress down the field a few yards at the time. 

For my personal progress, I have a life coach and accountability and wise counsel.  What God calls us to do will always be bigger than we are and will keep us on our knees, but we have to move forward.   It’s always what we really believe, isn’t it?

“You are my witnesses,” declares the LORD, “and my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he.  ~Isaiah 43:10

believe noteMy friend, Sam Williamson at Beliefs of the Heart, said, “We feel this is a year of breaking out – maybe breaking forth – into something new and delightful.  I sense this is true for you too, a year of breaking forth into life and joy and offering.”  Isn’t it great when others urge you on?  Let these words become yours, too.

There are some moments you know the enemy of your soul is doing his very darndest to sow in seeds of fear and unbelief.  Crazy thoughts seem to come out of nowhere like an attack of killer bees.  And I figure if hell is sending out fear in droves, then they are actually afraid themselves of what we might do.  Now there’s a thought!  Sam says the enemy is terrified of what we will be when we are our true selves.

Believe.  Just one word.

Ephesians 3 20 21Believe in God’s power, in our potential, in others.  Believe before we see – for His promises are good.  We can take them to the bank.  I am choosing to believe for more.  Asking for increased vision, increased discernment, and increased wisdom.  Expecting all – more than I can imagine.  Focusing on this word, this idea, theme, could be life changing.

It will be a year of stretching, of dreaming big, of gripping God and stepping out.  Nope, still  don’t feel ready, but if I wait until I’m ready, I will never step forward.  It’s time to live a better story.  It’s time to believe.

What would your ONE WORD be?

(c) Robin Lawrimore, January 4, 2012

{Thanks a ton to Melanie at Only A Breath for creating my new free Believe button.  To request a button, please read this post: on Melanie’s site.  She’ll even make you one whether you have a blog or not.  Isn’t she so nice?}



22 thoughts on “Believe ~ 2013

  1. Ronda

    Oh my. As I read your post, which, as usual, resonates so deeply with my own journey, I thought I’ll take some time, figure this word out–maybe “borrow” Robin’s, only to be dissolved to tears to hear the Father say “Daughter”… Dare I spend a year focused on what it is to be a daughter of the King? Why does the thought of that exploration fill me with more fear than wonder? Methinks He’s touching a deeply wounded part of me, and that can only mean healing (after the pain!) I’m taking the challenge. This is going to get interesting. :o) Thank you for sharing.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Oh yes, Ronda! When you find your word, please let me know. We can encourage each other. And He reminds me every time that He reveals a wound or issue, I then feel it to know that I need His healing. He is so faithful, patient, and tender. So full of grace for you. Thank you for sharing!


      • Ronda

        Robin. I believe (no pun intended. 🙂 ) that my word for the year IS daughter… I’m asking Him to show me what it truly is to live in the truth that I am a daughter of the King… There are things I “know” that aren’t really a part of me, I can easily see and know these truths for others, but have a hard time applying them to me. I’m expecting a journey of healing and revelation and equipping to touch others in a deeper way with His amazing love and acceptance. I thank you for getting me started!


      • Robin Lawrimore

        Well, I am thrilled for you. It seems to me that without this truth being instilled from the beginning of our lives that it takes us so long to get it. I still have so much to receive of my identity and legitimacy from Him, too. So we are on the journey together!


  2. diggingher

    This is a beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I have been praying and asking for my one word-will let you know what I hear.
    Believing God is so much easier in the good times, don’t you think? I was reading this morning about seasons when God is distant, you know, like in Job’s life. I wonder if I could believe God facing Job’s trials. I sure hope that I don’t need to find out…and I know that we all have our own walks but still my mind wanders across these thoughts.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      I agree with you – the times when we need to believe, need to exercise faith are always the tough moments or days or years. The more we need Him, the more we find He is really there for us. Such a beautiful journey we are on! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you.


  3. Tricia

    Robin, this is excellent.
    My word is STAND. I stand for my God and my family. I stand against all of those that come against us.
    “Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” Ephesians 6:13


    • Robin Lawrimore

      …and having done all, to stand. One of my favorite lines from scripture. When we’ve done all we can or know to do, then we stand where He said to stand and watch Him do the impossible part. : ) May you be blessed and strengthened in the standing, Tricia!


  4. afayd

    The word I heard for myself for 2013 is “Victory.” I will have to do some thinking on how this word will guide me through this year, but at the very least it is a word of hope!


  5. Beliefs of the Heart

    Hi Robin,

    Wonderful theme for the year. Really, for a lifetime. Our beliefs propel and empower us.

    I love your lines, “… more of Who God says He is, more about my calling and potential, more about the restoration and forward movement of my life for where I am now.”

    I’m encouraged to believe more rightly and more strongly myself. As the man said so many years ago, “Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.”



  6. Keri-Lee

    Thank you, Robin, as always, for inspiring us!

    I had barely started reading your post when I knew what my word was – prosperity, as from 3 John verse 2 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers (AMP). To prosper spirit, soul and body – in my relationship with Father and others, in my calling, my circumstances. To me, it means moving closer to the fullness that Father created us to walk in, and in doing so bringing Him glory.

    But, believing is also a heart resolution – to really trust Father, and to trust in His Word, to cling to Him amidst the wind and the waves, and to truly know “His grace is sufficient”.

    May Father exceed your expectations this year!


  7. Jane

    Cruising back through posts I may have missed whilst on summer hols….here’s one! My one word this year was SUBSTANCE with no accompanying detail – so unlike Holy Spirit.
    The silence is intriguing, I suspect it’s a year-long discovery on many fronts.
    Thanks for the recommendation of Maxwell’s latest.
    In love, Jane


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Jane, I am glad you took the time to look back at previous posts! That blesses me, too. I pray the Lord enrich your substance and bring all He has for you this year, one step at a time. Blessings on your Monday! ~Robin


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