When You Need to Understand God’s Heart for You

wheat 2I’m not certain, but I like to think that on Adam’s first full day of life, the 7th day, God takes the whole day off just to spend with him to celebrate and enjoy. And when Eve was created, fashioned from that rib under the arm of that man, that God had special Father time with her while Adam slept. They looked just like their Dad. And together displayed the full image of God.  In turn, we are image bearers.

When we need to understand His heart for us, it is always the same – that of unconditional love. I open my calendar this morning and the verse is Romans 5:5…

God has poured out His love into our hearts.

Poured out to overflowing.  So why are there so many times that I think I can’t feel it?  Can’t receive it?  If my heart is filled with concerns, worries, self-defense, wrong priorities, then it cannot be filled with what He is continually offering.  But…

He never gives up on us.  He continually woos us towards Himself, His arms, His heart so that we, too, pour out all that is filling our minds and hearts.  As I empty myself of concerns mirror childor anything standing in the way of my ability to see God, then emptied I can come and start to let some of what He is pouring out trickle into me.  Our ability to receive is based on our surrendered softness (new phrase – stay with me).  Our spiritual softness is determined by focus – I will always reflect what I stare at – that spiritual mirror.

We are image bearers.  We are to show Him.  And the more of that heart we can take in, the more wholeness we receive and the clearer our reflection of His love.

But what happens when we want it, want to know the realness of it, and can’t get there?  What then?  What if there is no encouragement and God seems like a myth, just ink on paper?

psalm 147 3We cry help!  And we continue to cry help and seek help from this Dad of Adam and Eve and all the rest of us until His presence pushes through somewhere in our lives.  It’s not that He can’t reach us or doesn’t want to grab us up and hug us to the depths of ourselves.  Sometimes it just takes time as He comes through the layers we have built up within that do not reflect Him.  But He will persist through our hardened places.  And I feel it even now, His always pursuing, always seeking, knocking, wanting us closer.

Like a lover who never tires of your closeness, like a mother who is always looking for those quick chances at one more hug, like a seed that pushes through earth to reach the sun’s rays, He is there.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. ~Ecclesiastes 3:11

As I seek, I see.  As the journey continues, I see more of the beauty God is re-creating, resurrecting…in me, in you, in places around me.  In moments.  Counting the ways I recognize His love, His pursuing, His quick hugs as they have rolled over my life in the last few days…

#544…Friends who text on the first day of a new job – How are you?  You’ll do great!

#545…The privilege of saying goodbye with love and faithfulness to an old dog – in the same way she cared for us.

#546…Needing another – being able to lean on and trust in strong arms God brings into my life.

#547…Feeling love cast out fear.

#548…Pancakes hot, soft, syrupy like flat moons in a bowl.

#549…Learning to embrace my imperfection as a stepping stone towards trying more because failure can be a gift.

#550…Blackbirds dance-flying in big circles in the sky, choreographed by God’s baton.  I drive right under amazed.

#551…A daughter and her husband’s provision of a farmhouse she’s always loved and now can raise girls and voices in.

He pursues and all these things reflect His image and His glory and I get to be the one who lives amazed when I see Him.  I get to be the one who is learning to choose to see and be thankful.  And this choosing, this new sight, is changing me into one who knows His heart woman hands on facebetter than before.

And when it’s the hardest thing in the world to do – we have to look for these things, these God sightings – finding Him even in the hard.  And we learn to live, refusing to focus on what demands our attention, what wants our air, and instead asking Him to turn our eyes so we can see.

Ask for Him.  Look for Him.  He promises not to hide, and loves to reveal Himself.  Give it time.  He’ll come through the hardened places and you will learn to recognize more of Him, too.  His heart is for you.

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(c) Robin Lawrimore, January 2013



6 thoughts on “When You Need to Understand God’s Heart for You

  1. diggingher

    I enjoyed the thought of Eve getting special Daddy time while Adam slept:) Sentiment here is beautiful through and through. We currently sing a worship song that states “I’m running to your arms–the riches of your love will always be enough…I so enjoy those lines…the picture my mind conjures up is always delightful. Your recounting is simple and pure, thanks for sharing your heart.


  2. Paula

    As always my dear dear friend,your words have spoken to the very heart of who I am.Thank you for allowing Abba to use you and to speak life and peace…I love you!!


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