What the Heart Knows

what a heart knowsWho holds me?  Who has always been the One Constant when everything around me was shaking, changing, unsure?

When God comes into situations and holds your head above water, He is doing what He promised.  When He comes into relationships, finances, dreams, and inspires creativity or faithfulness or open doors, He is doing what He promised.  When He comes into the middle of grief or devastating news, and holds you close, He is doing what He promised.

When He comes in – sometimes to only be seen by looking back over the shoulder to previous days, then that knowledge of His presence is seed sown deep into the heart.  He is doing what He promised.  Days of experience can water this seed so that faith grows, for “goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life” and won’t leave me now, but will continue to water and grow the seed sown so that the heart is full of faith instead of fear.

And when the heart knows that it can truly depend upon this Creator God, this unchanging Father of little old me, then that heart that can trust Him no matter what things look like, no matter how high the waves, no matter how uncertain the future.

And it might be that I hold back, and unlike Peter, really don’t feel like stepping out over my head right now.  Can you ask me next time you come by walking on water, Jesus?  Many times He has come my way again because He wants me to know Him and the greatness of His love.  But hesitating, I may miss out on seeing what would dazzle me, what could change my life forever!

But I look back to days gone by, and read back in journals kept to find again how He has kept me.  And my heart knows that all things are possible with God.  And my heart knows that to enjoy life, I must go slow and notice the awesomeness along the way and witness each moment.  And my heart knows the One who loves to hear my laugh, who puts a song in my heart and wind in my lungs to sing it.

Jesus changes hearts.  And what the heart knows by heart is what a heart knows.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, Feb. 15, 2013


4 thoughts on “What the Heart Knows

  1. Jane

    Ah yes! Recent journaling….”If you would really believe that nothing is impossible with me, you would know the reality of that promise.”
    I was thinking about the promise box I had as a child. It was with great anticipation that I unrolled the tiny pastel coloured scroll and declared yet another truth over my life. Whether I understood it or not, my enthusiasm was never dampened. In later years it seemed a little trite and they lost popularity but that childhood paper box held many treasures from my Father and a love of the hidden words He has for me.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      We just need to be reminded, don’t we, Jane? I wish I could hold all the faith I need in my heart continually, but those promises reminded renew the thoughts. A friend said recently that it’s so much easier to slide down into forgetting than it is to climb back up to believing. And BELIEVE is my word for the year! Thanks for sharing.


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