a simple counting of gifts

Recent gifts I have noticed.  Received.  I always wonder what I missed….

622. Ability to rest in today, knowing God can probably do more if I’ll turn loose of it all.

623. A daughter showing me her new house, pictures hung carefully, colors, love, expression of herself.

624. Simple joy at trees, ivy, and coastline partnering to praise.

625. Giving a gift journal so a friend can count gifts, too.

626. Mom’s bread full of fruit, nuts, and the touch of her hands.

627. Cooking for my love in a little house in the woods.

628. Red cardinal like God’s paint brush dripped on a tree.

629. Warm breath at my ear, wanting me closer, in a cool breeze.

630. Walks in cemeteries with glasses of wine, remembering life’s brevity, toasting each resting there as significant.

631. Remembering a cousin’s life, dressed in black on green grass, family and friends gather close in hoping comfort is felt.

632. Snow swirling like feathers.

633. Long naps, deep sleep, reviving all of me.

634. Glimpses into a heart that needs encouragement, reminder that we are all connected, needed.

Father…can I have eyes to see more, please?

(c) Robin Lawrimore, Feb. 2013



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