An Unexpected Visit

It’s about you, me, all of us.  This life.

“…all our stories are in the end one story, one vast story about being human, being together, being here. Does the story point beyond itself? Does it mean something?  Either life is holy with meaning, or life doesn’t mean a damn thing.”  ~Buechner

I run into life’s walls and trip over its speed bumps.  I feel fear and react.  I fall flat and usually in public.  And occasionally I am unexpectedly blessed.  The latter happened on Saturday.

I heard about a friend’s brother who was very ill and had taken a turn for the worse.  Someone very close to me called and asked if I could go by and visit.  Of course.  Everyone else was an hour away, of course I could go by.

I took my little bottle of oil.

I arrived to find tubes in multiples feeding, breathing, keeping a man alive.  His wife was in the hallway and followed me inside, our meeting for the first time.  Landiss is her name, from the German meaning picket fence.  She’s certainly seen her days all in a row, tightly fitted together, a building of a fence around her husband.  Fitted with a tracheotomy, she had become his voice.  A voice that sometimes was forced to demand what he needed.  She is stronger than she knows.  She is tired, but there is a warrior within.

After introductions, I asked if I could pray.  Yes was unanimous.  Sometimes we just need to hear someone pray for us.  I prayed for him, for Randall with oil on his forehead, claiming him as belonging to God, praying for every day written for him, and I noticed her tears and felt her weariness.  Exhausted after 10 weeks in a hospital.  I prayed with all my spiritual strength for her, attempted to speak encouragement and hope, oil on her hands that have caressed the sick and wiped tears.  Those prayers didn’t fall flat, but were received by open hands.  It was an unexpected holy moment.  I wonder now if I should have removed my shoes for He was there.

I felt His presence in a way that lit up the room.  His blessing was flowing.

I don’t know what His plans are for them, but I know they are being held by strong hands and big arms.  Big arms that also hold this world together.

I was so honored to have been there.

He laid in the bed, she sat in the chair, and I stood among them feeling the weight of God’s presence and wondering about how fragile we are and how delicately He wove each of us together, and realizing that we are all in this life – we are one story.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer understood suffering.  He wrote that we each are like a tree in a forest and how the story of each tree is significant, but that the story of the forest is the greater.  He spoke hope into people in German concentration camps during WWII.  Forests are made up of trees.  And if he can speak hope there, we can certainly speak hope where we are.

I felt purposeful as I took prayers into that room.  I felt God live through me so that another could be blessed.  There is nothing greater than to carry His love into a dismal, difficult place that needs hope.

I asked if she wanted the oil.  Yes, she’d keep it.

And all I had to do was say, yes, I can go by the hospital.  All I had to do was show up.  And we were all visited by God.

This is my first post without pictures.  I hope you are instead visualizing yourself there.  You could be the next one to speak hope in an unexpected visit to someone who needs your prayers.  Watch for opportunity and it will be yours.  Become open and watch as God Himself lives through you for someone who needs help holding onto hope.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, March 2013


13 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visit

    • Robin Lawrimore

      Thank you, Adrienne. “Words to live by” – if we’ll be open to the Spirit, right? When these opportunities come, it makes us hungry for more of them. Blessings to you. Thank you for your words.


  1. Kim

    Robin your willingness to say “yes” continues to pour forth as you share this beautiful experience. Yes, I was in the room with you through reading your words. Yes, I felt the presence as I allowed myself to contemplate if I am saying Yes often enough – staying aware of those unopened moments awaiting us like piled gifts in the corner of a room. I will spend this day more fully aware, open and prayerful that I can be used, as you have shared, to simply bring moments of peace to another. Thank you for sharing the little bits of you with us through your talents~


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Oh Kim, thank you! The “yeses” are the only real answer if we really want to live, as you know so well, and as your life exhibits. I thank God for letting me be there for Him. I thank Him for your encouragement in my life. God bless you abundantly!


  2. wendy

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us.God present in and through us, what a priviledge. As i journey this lent, i am more convinced of finding God active in our lives, and present to us, in the face of others. Bless you x


  3. Dan Garlock

    Robin. precious Robin, how wonderful and high are the words expressed and story told. These are words to be shared and one more story to be told to many others for God is glorified and hope declared to all humanity. Thank you for taking the time to write and publish this message . I did not even realize there was no picture. It may have distracted from the image brought into our minds since we all in some way picture ourselves as a Landiss or a Randall needing the grace of God poured into our spirit.
    I am blessed to be married to a precious woman who’s spirit is like yours. She will be blessed by this message and encouraged as she also gets called and marches out the door with her bottle of oil. The stories are multiplied and God is glorified.


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Dan, your words feel like a God-hug. Thank you for stopping to share and affirm – so glad you were touched, and so glad you have a partner in your wife who carries oil around, too! We are the receivers of God’s benefits. Blessings to you and yours.


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