When the Heart Waits…Again

You work up the courage to ask a question that comes from a deep place in your heart and get an answer you didn’t expect.  It’s tender for days as it creates even more questions.  indiana-jones-fedora-hat-5Or you risk stepping out like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade hoping your feet find solid ground, and instead find yourself in what feels like a free-fall.  You wonder if your expectations were too high or you still are not ready.  Again, you must wait and you really don’t want to, but you know from experience that the Father is trustworthy in the timing of your life.  Or do you?

There is nothing in your life that He is not completely aware of, enormously concerned about, and intricately involved in.  And it helps to remember that.  There are some days I repeat it often to myself, out loud, and it continues to drip into a deeper place in me where I am coming to believe it completely.

And it’s always the deep desires of our hearts that can trip us up, isn’t it?  (I hear your whispered yes.)  The things we’ve desired all our lives that often come to the surface skin of the heart and woman dark hairjust touching it, caressing it with easy finger tips can cause a painful longing.  Or if those desires get bumped into by words or actions of others, it’s worse than a knee skinned on a rough sidewalk.

And I think of Jesus and how the enemy tempted Him to go after quickly what was promised by the Father.  The enemy knew what He wanted, all the nations, but the shortcut offered would have been their destruction.  And we would have had no hope as an anchor for the tempest of our souls.  His waiting for God’s timing and perfect plan was…perfect like a full-term pregnancy that gives a healthy baby.  Not an aborted plan, not a preemie weakling.  Fullness.

And isn’t that what we want and truly desire?  Fullness?  Fullest life.

So how do we respond when we must wait...”Take a seat please, and the promise will be with you in a few _______”….minutes, months, years?

mustard treeWe continue to choose faith.  We continue to choose to believe.  And we take action steps.  We continue to sow seed into believing that promise.  We speak out our believing and it does drip in and it does feel that Father’s smile at our seedling faith.  And that is really all we need…faith the size of a mustard seed.  The smallest of seeds can become the largest of trees and the limbs are strong for the roots have gone in deep, and we find there is room in the branches for more than we could have imagined, more than we even believed for, and we are living full.  Thank-full.

Waiting.  Necessary, needed, maturing kind of waiting.  And that Bible-God is fully aware of where we are, how we feel, and like a good Father, He is parenting us, loving us, and showing us that we can trust Him with the desires He placed in us as part of who we are.  They will not fall flat.  They will not die.  They will not be weak.

orchid stonesOur hearts respond and we believe, speak, and do faith, and He comes through and brings it about and we had no idea it was just around the corner.

Thank-full for these gifts, these blossoms of faith from my life….(please consider sharing your list in a comment?)….

  • Healing and growth from hard experiences like divorce and death.
  • Voices of grandchildren over the phone excited about the family hike.
  • Remembering how God has kept me through life’s everything.
  • Seeing my Mom extend love to the “hard to love” in her life.
  • Chocolate cake with 6 layers of homemade icing.
  • A man’s hands that take mine to hold them close.
  • A man’s hands that wipe away tears.
  • A dog that sometimes play-attacks and cuddles simultaneously.
  • Church with friends who smile and are glad.
  • Daughters lives – getting to see them learn to walk again and again.
  • A Dad who doesn’t remember everything now, but is always glad to see me.
  • Answered prayer from faith words.
  • Invited to speak and seeing in eyes the response to the call to fullest life.
  • Mistakes forgiven, acceptance no matter what.
  • A friend who writes thrilled at the sponsorship of a child in Africa.
  • A friend who listens when the Spirit says “call her and pray.”

It’s lists like these that build faith for the unknown, the unseen, the yet-to-be, and instead of the waiting in agony, life starts to become an adventure.  Can you share a list that builds your faith?  Write as much as you want, friend.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, April 2013

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,…plans to give you hope and a future…You will seek Me and find me when you seek Me with all your heart.  ~Jeremiah 29:11, 13

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12 thoughts on “When the Heart Waits…Again

  1. angieted

    -A year of discomfort that yields God’s answer in His time
    -new friends with big hearts
    -learning who is in control (and He doesn’t need my help)
    -a daughter that sees my distress when others don’t (and always gives a hug)
    -a husband that puts up with my nonsense
    -being an instrument of my God and praying for others
    -a friend’s baby news
    -You 🙂


  2. Paula

    Robin your words humble me..There are so many things in my life I am thankful for that there isnt enough space here to list them all if I could.I can name a few and you can build on them 🙂
    I am thankful for a Father who loved me enough to say It is FINISHED..it was my beginning..
    I am thankful for the love of a wonderful man who is part of me, my helper, my love, my friend and my “coffee at 5 am” buddy
    I am thankful for a beautiful daughter and handsome son in law who are raising two of the most beautiful miracles that HE allowed to be a part of our lives..They call me Nana ❤
    I am thankful for my step-son who serves our country and is the father he needed to be when he didnt have to..He and his wife gave us grandmiracle number 3..He calls me grandma
    I am thankful for all my many many friends and family who without,part of my life would be void..
    I am thankful for special friends who speak life into mine, they have names like Becky, Renee, Robin, Jo Ellen, Laurie and the list could go on and on
    I am thankful for words, penned by YOU my dear friend that go to the very heart of me..
    I am thankful for our little girl in Africa with a name that describes what she is to me…Angel
    My list could go on and fill many pages but I will stop here…
    I love you my dear friend! You keep doin what you do!! HE is with you!!


  3. Karen Eubanks

    – the excitement of my grandchild looking forward to her birthday
    – stepping out in faith to go where God has asked me to go
    – a daughter’s strength that I admire
    – a husband whose love for me is so precious
    – the growth of my marriage strengthened only bythe hands of God
    – Growth in my relationship with Father God
    – Sitting outside by our pond watching the beauty of the ducks & geese (and catching a few fish in the process)


  4. Jane

    The enduring words of a gracious mother who distilled her theology to three words, God is good.
    For revelation into my spirit for which I’m yet to find words.
    For a husband who loved me when I didn’t know how to love myself.
    For a heavenly Father who constantly plunges me into his relentless affection.
    For the capacity to dream and His capacity to bring the fulfillment.
    For writers unknown to me who’s heart I feel and look forward to swapping stories in eternity…if that’s ok with you?


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