How to be Emotional and Still Keep Your Friends

social-emotional-girlYou might have heard the story about the executive who arrived at work in a cloud of anger and berated her assistant, who, in turn, snapped at the innocent mail clerk, who then scattered the thirty-page report of a harried secretary, who went home and yelled at her son for wearing his ratty, ripped jeans. And as the boy stalked off, their cat chose that moment to cross his path.  Big mistake!

So what do we do when we experience strong feelings?  Most of us either bury them deep inside until they fester like a wound, or take them out on someone else, setting off a chain reaction until the cat is kicked. And yet “emotions help us to wake up. We have no clearer messages about what is happening in our lives. Our emotions show us where to direct our attention; rather than obscuring the path, they can clarify and sharpen it.”

To read more, click here.  I’m guest posting today at Healthy Lifestyle Institute for Women.  Thanks to Stacie Cole for inviting me to post! 

(c) Robin Lawrimore, May 2013



2 thoughts on “How to be Emotional and Still Keep Your Friends


    Good stuff, Robin! I’m working through some strong feelings at the moment about church music. (again) The idea of constant change, and it’s from the viewpoint of the older people in the congregation. It’s an area where too often, I think their whole paradigm has been trashed by younger people without really asking why they have such strong feelings, and why they have such a deep attachment to their music. What is coming up in me are some really good insights on the whole subject. I still need to write down the lessons that I’m personally learning. Bottom line outlook for me: Maybe it is idealistic, but I think the current music has value, and so do the older songs. People build their root systems through music that will feed them. To me, it’s not a wise idea to totally rip out any root system. Why not celebrate both and provide occasions for each group to be nourished by their brand of music? Keep the dialogue open. Be willing to share back and forth. Highlight the passion on both sides of the aisle instead of insisting that there is only one way of expressing the heart of a church. Blessings,Rolie

    Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 14:22:02 +0000 To:


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Hi Rolie! Great to hear from you. Church worship styles do seem to stir up everyone’s emotions, don’t they? I know you’ll process yours well.

      I think personally that as people grow, their styles and choices and tastes change. When we think about applying that corporately, we think of much love and patience and a willingness to work things out for the benefit of all. Moving forward in this area in love requires a humility from young and old alike, a willingness to give and take, and that is what defines being part of a community. I pray the church as a whole where you are will not only look at “what they like” but will more so look unto God for how He might be leading that Body forward.

      These days of great forward movement require flexibility and a bending of the knees.

      Much love to you,


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