Treasure in a Small Town Diner

When you walk in, you feel at home, like you’ve been welcomed by family who has cooked a meal just for you. 

Feb - May 2013 160Quin’s Country Comfort Restaurant in Quinby, SC, just 5 minutes North of Florence, is a new blessing to the quiet community where I live.  We have needed a family eating spot for a while and now we are blessed with a place whose purpose is to serve a quality meal for every guest.  I went in to find out more.Feb - May 2013 164

Quin Gregg is the owner and entrepreneur with a knowledge of quality service and a history of business start-ups. Quin also knows how to dig the treasure out of the people who work for him, helping them develop their own specific talents, and be part of a great family team.  From the lighted disco ball in the kitchen that shines over food preparation, to the office wall where co-workers have written words of encouragement for each other, this place has heart.

Feb - May 2013 180When  I stopped by to interview Quin, I walked through the door focused on learning about the vision and the food, but found much more.  While the food was excellent – my family devouring fresh catfish sandwiches, hamburgers, and the daily plate special with homemade meatloaf – I found there was a story of restoration.

“I’ve been in recovery for ten years, and most of the staff is in recovery, too,” said Quin.  “Our lives depend on it, and here we give each other mutual support.  This place helps them get back on their feet and stay standing.”

And the writing was literally on the wall with “Let go and let God” and “One day at a time” and I wondered what would happen if every business owner took this kind of loving care of their employees and sought to build them up as valued individuals.  Quin and his wife, Alicia, are not just building a business, but building people who have lived through difficult experiences, some who are surprised to still be alive.  They’ve hired people like Justin, a culinary school graduate who has cooked at some of the best restaurants at the beach, and Stephen who makes that meatloaf.  Lauren, Sabrina, and Lori Ann are part of the wait staff, serving with incredibly thankful smiles.  I wonder to myself what hidden gifts and dreams are waiting inside each one.Feb - May 2013 183Quin tells me more of the story.  “The place was originally opened as a liquor store and has now come full circle as a place of recovery.  I originally worked at the liquor store when I was 21 and that began my problem with alcohol.  I am a true Prodigal Son who returned here four years ago to help build up where I grew up.”

Feb - May 2013 174The food is why folks keep returning to his door.  “We’re cooking the same foods I grew up on that my grandma cooked, like homemade macaroni and cheese, fried okra, cornbread, liver and onions.  My favorites are the new sandwiches, the French Dip and the Reuben.  We’ve got great onion rings and skin on french fries that are hand cut, and a really great cheese burger.”

Feb - May 2013 173Quin says their immediate goal is to keep the light bill paid as the restaurant business is tough, but he hopes to add catering in the near future.  Quin’s Country Comfort Restaurant also delivers within the local Quinby area and the response to that service has been great.

There is live music during lunch on Tuesdays and at dinner time on Friday evenings.

My time with Quin reminded me that when we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that inspire us, and by love for others, then we are truly living life.  The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.  At Quin’s Country Comfort Restaurant, they are not settling.  They are working hard to see what can be accomplished.  And there is  treasure in this small town diner for sure!

For more information, you can follow Quin’s Country Comfort Restaurant on Facebook here, and call to place your “to go” order by calling 843-678-8986.  But you’ve simply got to see it to believe it, so come on by Quin’s at 473 Quinby Plaza in Quinby, SC.

Feb - May 2013 189

Hours:  Monday-Saturday, 11:30-2:30 and 5:00-8:00 with Sunday lunch from 11:30-2:30.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, June 2013



2 thoughts on “Treasure in a Small Town Diner

    • Robin Lawrimore

      Thanks, Janice. I feel a calling developing in me to help leaders lead in this way – adding value to their employees, shepherding them instead of using harsh authority (as we humans tend to do), and seeing the fruit of blessing in each life and in the business as a whole. Businesses, churches, groups of all kinds – even families. What do you think?


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