When Fear Wants to Give You a Hug

Sometimes, when you’re on the verge of something new, fear will appear as “a friend” to turn you back. It will say “Let me give you a hug. You don’t have to do this if you’re not ready.”

hiker mountain viewIt seeks to repress your success in doing what God has called you to do. We don’t want those kinds of hugs! This kind of fear is not our friend, but our enemy. Back away, fear! No hugs from you today!

We must crush fear if we are going to tap into our potential and live the fullest life. Jesus said, “I came to give you life abundantly.” I want that.

Whatever is in your heart to do, all you need is already there, too.  God doesn’t plant dreams in our hearts to leave them to die.  He provides all we need to carry them out.  But the action steps – those are up to us.

And remember…the Wright brothers didn’t have a pilot’s license!  The way to learn to do things, is to do things.  What we need for each step is provided at that time.  We don’t next step 2need it all now.  We need provision for the step we are on.  As we take steps, we find the ideas, the creativity, the connections, the courage and more – they find us.

I bless you with discernment on how to move forward in your vision, how to recognize fear or distraction, and for continued clarity for your dream.  I bless you with a pioneering spirit to carry out all God designed just for you.


(c) Robin Lawrimore, June 2013


4 thoughts on “When Fear Wants to Give You a Hug

    • Robin Lawrimore

      Janice, I am so thankful this blessed you. Sometimes we are to act and sometimes we are to be still and listen. I pray God’s blessing on all your dreams and plans. Thanks for sharing. Love, Robin


  1. carlo

    In our prayer group we did Ps 5 this week.
    In Ps 5 (Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill):
    “Lead me, O my Beloved, in your mercy
    lighten my fears;
    make your way straight before me
    that I may follow.
    For there is no truth in fear;
    it leads to separation,
    it opens the door to loneliness,
    it speaks not with integrity,
    but out of illusion”
    and in Psalm 6: “Depart from me,
    you ennemies of wholeness………
    Though my fears are running for cover,
    yet they shall be forgiven
    by Love;
    Illusions that lived in the ego
    can now turn to the Light:
    I will know peace as I
    return Home”
    Love carlo


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