The Opinion of Others

Don’t let someone’s opinion of you become your reality.  I am dealing with a situation where a person will state their “opinion” of me or someone else and it is not only false, but their way of controlling the conversation and atmosphere at that moment.

Some of these times need a strong stand, while others are best ignored.

When authority is challenged, we need to stand firm.  When the person who is ultimately responsible is put in a questioning light, we need to either refuse to take part in the conversation or out loud state what we know to be true.

Sometimes people attempt to “control” a situation with their opinions stated as fact.  It doesn’t matter.  It really does not matter.  For they know the truth, but won’t let it set them free.

Ask the Lord to help you know in your spirit whether or not to respond.  Sometimes silence IS the best response, followed by walking away.  Don’t be pulled into a conversation that will only take both of you down.

worm on hookIf a controlling person is tempting you with conversation or trying to pull you in to see where you stand, see it as a worm on a hook.  You don’t have to take the hook.  They may even pull others around them with convincing words.  This is not something you can control either.  Leave it alone.

Back up into God and ask Him to guide you through the steps He wants you to take.  And if you’re like me, living in the South, for Heaven’s sake, stop trying to be so nice all the time!  There’s a time for polite courtesy and there’s a time to stand and disagree.  The trick is in knowing the best response in the moment.

bulldozierNobody likes to be bull dozed over, but sometimes if one is coming your way, you just need to step out of the road.    Because someone’s opinion of you is only your reality if you allow others to define you.

Jesus was loving and kind, but never let the Pharisees define Him.  There were times He stood firm or answered them with a question.  We can learn to do the same.

Don’t be so easily defined or led by others or the world.  The true definition of who you are is what God says and He alone knows the best way to lead you forward.  Lean on that with every care, and you’ll find Him turning circumstances for good and teaching you valuable lessons that will carry you into your next situation requiring wisdom.  He is faithful.

(c) Robin Lawrimore, September 2013


6 thoughts on “The Opinion of Others

  1. Keri-Lee

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, Robin! I am dealing with this kind of situation at the moment. Not only am I struggling to not be hurt by it, I’m also fighting all the negative (and nasty!) emotions that are coming up. Father’s timing for your blog was PERFECT! Now just to implement it 😉


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Keri-Lee, it is not easy to handle someone who is hurtful to us, and when we “can’t”, Jesus can! Tell Father God all about how you feel and remember that forgiveness releases YOU from the other person. God bless you in all your life! You are precious to Him!


  2. Darla Rennick

    Really good wisdom there!
    I read a FB post by Danny Silk recently that said if a conversation is disrespectful or untrue of you or another person just walk away (a,k.a. get out of the way of the buldozer). I appreciate “the permission” from wise people to do so.
    Thank you Robin!


    • Robin Lawrimore

      Hi Darla! When my niece was in preschool, there was a little boy named Zachary who used to tease and taunt her. The teacher taught them to either tell the troubling person to “walk away” or just walk away themselves. When her mother asked her if she was she doing like the teacher had taught them to do, she answered, “I just say ‘walk away, Zachary, walk away!”


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