Separating My Who from My Do

I have struggled many times with where I was, the job I was doing, and my perspective of it.  I know what I am called to do, and my plan is to do something daily towards that goal, but that still not who I am.

who I amWho I am must be secure, lashed to the mainsail, of my identity in my Father.  I must know that so well that nothing can move me from it.  My spiritual identity and what I truly believe about it will always show itself – sometimes in my actions, and most certainly in my thoughts that determine my attitude.

I currently work selling expensive ladies clothing and shoes in a retail environment.  That is neither who I am nor what I want to do, but it is where my Father has positioned me for a time, for a reason.  Everywhere I have worked there have been great lessons in leadership that I will use in my future in leadership coaching and speaking for women.  And there will be books.  But those things are what I want to do – the physical result of my earthly purpose.  Still not who I am.

Sometimes I admit I still have those fleeting thoughts of feeling trapped or feeling “less than” because of what I am doing to earn a living, and I have to say, “That is not who I am!”  I refocus on the fact that I am first a daughter of the King of kings, and wherever He has me will have its blessings, lessons, and will be used to train me for my calling.  I daily speak God’s truth over my life to train myself to believe what He says is true about Him and about myself.

I’m sure Joseph in the Bible struggled too, while being sold into slavery by his brothers, while a servant in someone’s house that ruled the nation, and then when he was wrongly accused and forgotten about in prison for years, but all his experiences proved beneficial.  He had been called by God, destined to do something great — but none of that was who he was.

We must separate our WHO from our DO.  We must separate who we are as precious children of the King from anything we ever do in this physical life.  We ache when we lift up our soul to another or to our job titles.  We are nurtured and fulfilled when we lift up our soul to Him alone.  The who is different from the do.

Let me hear Your loving-kindness in the morning; For I trust in You; Teach me the way in which I should walk; For to You I lift up my soul.  ~Psalm 143

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, January 2014


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