God Doesn’t Sweat the Darkness

ivory candle burningIn the early morning before the earth has turned this side of itself into the sun, I light a candle.  It reminds me that God created that light, that He has placed the light of His Spirit in me, and I watch it spread into the room.  I hold my hot cup of coffee in my hands and pray to be like that.

I worship God’s effortless capacity to bring something from nothing.  I worship God’s ability to decide, speak, and it is done.  He doesn’t categorize problems into large or small.  They are all the same to Him.  He doesn’t break out into a sweat over my needs or the needs of the world.  He doesn’t sweat the darkness that we, in our limited minds, give too much attention.

There was once a young man, dear to my heart, who was being deployed to Afghanistan.  I asked the Lord how to pray for him.  I heard, “You realize that it doesn’t take any more effort on My part to protect him there as it does you here, right?”  {Yeah. God is big.}  So I prayed and knew it was done.  He returned safely.

I am amazed at His promises for us, that we have His word in us, and how little we understand it or use the power available to us.  And I have a teaspoonful of knowledge about Him, that when understood, feels like an ocean, and He gets bigger and bigger to me.

Jesus left us His word.  We are the Kingdom builders who bring light into darkness, who bear the image of the One who made us, whose first words we have recorded were “Let there be light,” and there was light.  (Genesis 1:3)  The Father and the Word let their light spread out and become visible.  Literally…from the spiritual right into the physical.

Genesis 1:3 “Let the light in Me be”: and there was light” and is and is….

And the darkness will never overcome it.

But is that how we live?  Do we see the possibility designed inside us?  Does the reality and power of God continue to get bigger in our eyes…as He should?  Do we live and speak in such a way that brings light where we are?

Like the candle flickering on my desk, let the light in me be physically evident, not just in my actions, but in my world to bring positive influence and change.  To bring blessing, peace, and make a way for God’s wholeness.  He will help me.

Grace & peace…

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, Jan. 2014

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4 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Sweat the Darkness

  1. Jane

    This is great Robin! You certainly have such a great gift and you’re using it. Likewise, love the design and see how you are growing in the Lord. This piece had the light of God right in its centre!!


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