You’re Right Where You’re Supposed to Be

woman and computerYou’ve struggled and tried and the calendar says it’s today and you wonder how you’ve spent all your time.  Days run into days and people rush by like a blur.  Your mind doesn’t seem to keep up, like an old Studebaker when it needs oil.

Rest is needed.  But you don’t want to believe it.  You want to believe you can change where you are, and with a little more effort and a pulling up on those careworn boot straps, you can lift yourself a few steps forward.  You carry your future goals like a heavy suitcase.  You’ve forgotten that God knows exactly where you are ~ that His hands woman with suitcase walking down roadare big enough to carry it all ~ that only He can take something so impossible or disappointing and bring a miracle ~ that He can carry you and your dreams {that He placed in your heart} forward so they become reality.

{Rest.  Breathe.  Look up.}

Don’t be discouraged by an enemy or obstacle before you.  God will allow you to come face to face with your trouble so that you will see His hand do something mighty in your life.

If we pursue our dreams in our strength, we grow tired.  If we step forward in the Lord’s strength, we see Him work on our behalf.  We see Him do something mighty in our life.

No matter where you today on the way to where you want to be, pray, eyes on the Father, take a step or be still – whichever works, but follow PEACE.  Let your soul rest on Him and wait.  He is, many times, doing the unseen work, like all those wolves in Yosemite who keep a balance in nature.  It’s when the wolves are gone that we realize the need for them.  And it’s when we walk away in our own effort that we realize the need for God’s strength and continued creation in our lives.

woman on beach with scarfHis eyes are so focused on you that it’s like you’re the only person He knows.  And you are right where you are supposed to be.

Let trust in Him develop and grow.

You are doing great.

You are stronger and more brave than you know.

And walking here…where you are…is the place of miracles.

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, Jan. 14, 2014



8 thoughts on “You’re Right Where You’re Supposed to Be

  1. Angela

    This phrase just makes me angry. And it’s complete crap. Over and over in my life, I find myself in situations that should be moving me toward my goals and instead take me further away. Instead of having the happy, successful life I desire, I am sabotaged by people in my work places, time and time again. So telling this to people like me is trite and heartless.


    • Robin L. Lewis

      Dear Angela, thank you for your honest reply! Sounds like you’ve faced many battles and maybe betrayals as well. I’m sorry. I, too, have faced similar things. The last thing I want to sound like is a Hallmark card. So how can I offer you some real encouragement right now? I offer free 30-minute coaching sessions that can include prayer. Let me know if you want one. My email is Your story is worth hearing and I’m glad to listen.


      • Angela

        Sorry Robin, but prayer has never yielded an improvement in my situations. Over and over, I pray for my situation to be improved or something better to come along, and it doesn’t. I finally gave up praying because it’s just false hope, and results in things being doubly painful. I appreciate your response, however. Thank you for that.


      • Robin L. Lewis

        Would you like to talk by phone? We can set up a time if you like. For me, a formerly abused wife and a person who has lived just scared from day to day, taken advantage of in work situations and even in church situations, I have found that changing my mindset and becoming my own best friend – no matter what others say or do – and committing myself to God and to living my own life has helped. Many times specific prayer was needed and usually I needed to either be freed from something binding me or become willing to see where my thinking was not healthy. I’m not saying any of that applies to you, but it has been true for me. I’m happy to listen or share.

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      • Robin L. Lewis

        Just another thought…Do you pray to God when you are praying? I believe that the foundation of prayer is a relationship with God and knowing that I need to be dependent on Him.


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