The Crack in the Sidewalk

flowers sidewalkSomeone once asked me, “I bet you see every crack in the sidewalk, don’t you?”

At times, this “gift” of mine has driven others crazy.  Yes, I am wired to spot the problem.  That’s easy, but working to find a solution is what is required of us who are created to repair, heal, restore, and expand life where we are.

I wrote a blog about three years ago about an old house that wasn’t far from crumbling to the ground.  At the end of a dirt drive, the paint had long been gone, probably right after the people left it, but a pink curtain still hung through the window, blowing in the breeze – a picture of what it had once been and a promise of what it could be again in the right hands.

“Anyone can rant in their journal or on the internet,” my friend said, “but can you find the solution and provide that for your readers?”  Can I do more than point out the problem?  That crack in the sidewalk?  Can I seek God and the wisdom of my journey to help find the solution?  Whether it’s embraced is not always my choice, but to say the answer out loud, to wave a picture of what it could become, to declare over a life or over land God’s provision can help make a way forward.  For one or many – that ripple effect of a Kingdom life.

The Pharisees in Jesus’ day were great at making rules and finding fault.  They cared not about a solution that actually was life-giving.  They cared more about finger-pointing.  They had  no eyes for possibility, only problems.  They would have missed or criticized the pink curtain.

To those who wanted more, Jesus took time to pray and offer what He had – healing, life again, words of truth that cut through the darkness, restoration, gentle teaching, and understanding about how much God loves…the things of fresh air that bless the soul with value, love, and honor.

But the crowds found out where he was going, and they followed him. He welcomed them and taught them about the Kingdom of God, and he healed those who were sick.  ~Luke 9:11 NLT

He came to solve a problem – to restore everything that was broken.  We are also created with certain problems to solve.  We aren’t just here to accept His cross sacrifice and hold onto the hope of Heaven.  We are here to live in a way that makes a Kingdom difference.  So when you see that crack in the sidewalk, or that crack in a soul, take time with God to seek a solution.  You may have an answer that blesses and changes the lives of  many.

And watch for that pink curtain, that promise of what God deposited there, what needs restoring for fullest life.

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, Jan. 2014

From the home place next to tall pines on an icy day.


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