When You Need to Be Held by Love

chickadee in windIt’s been quite a week, a week we all need to be certain of love.  That it holds us and holds us up when the winter winds blow hard.  February blew in on our family and friends with lots of change and challenge, and if we aren’t certain of that One whose name is Love, we will find ourselves sitting despondent, wondering what happened or where to go next.

Fear is a tag-a-long to Change, and simply kicking it repeatedly won’t work.  Fear is the opposite of Love and must be dealt with by removal.  Focusing on God’s Love makes Fear lose power and shrink away.  Oh it will try to return, but don’t give a pest any attention.

And Life is full of Change.  Some I’ve seen recently:

  • lives parting ways for something possible,
  • one who jubilantly sings a goodbye to a Heaven-bound husband,
  • a new life in a womb becoming full round,
  • one learns that cancer is back,
  • one who says no and bravely marches away from wrong control,
  • one fired from a job for challenging leadership to lead with value,
  • older ones who struggle against an ice storm power outages,
  • another with physical symptoms demanding prayer,
  • a friend who calls because someone died helping the crash-wounded

fear notAnd it’s still early in the month.  They say there are 365 verses about Fear in the Bible, one for every day, and isn’t it every day that we must choose again where our eyes focus?  My favorite is what God said to Joshua in chapter 1:

Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  (Joshua 1:9)

We face our journey, our ever-changing days, with determination remembering 3 things:

{That the Lord is with you wherever you go, whatever you face.}

{That we have a choice and we can choose not to fear.  We can choose to look at and lean on Love.}

{That circumstances or people only have power over us if we give it to them.}

We are so held by Love.  We may feel like an empty cup, but Jesus promised to fill it up with Spirit if we will but ask.  We may feel overwhelmed, but Jesus promised to bear our burdens if we will but bring them to Him in prayer.  We are held so tightly by God’s Love that even if He were to let go, we would be able to read our names on the palm of His hand.  He. is. with. us.  And always will be.  We can’t escape the presence of God.  Nothing can make Him move.

Was it David the psalmist who said, “Where can I go from your Spirit?”  To the heavens, the depths, the wings of the dawn, the far side of the sea, even the darkness…

Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me secure!  (Psalm 139:7-12)

So how does this change you?  For we are changed in those Love-hands, in His presence.

We must be the ones who lead on from here…from the funeral home, the crash site, the doctor’s office, the unemployment line.  We start where – we – are.  We lead with hope in our hearts because we – are – held.  And we lavish with love all those around us because we remembered to choose Love over Fear!  For we know that we know He is not only for cliff edgeus, but working all things together for good, advancement, and a fuller life!

So be the one who demands more from life, who pioneers through desert places, who dares to walk the edge, for that is where the miracles are.  Be the one who tells the world around them that God holds us and that we can be certain of His Love – especially when we cannot see it.

We are held by Love.  Proclaim it!  Shout it with your life!  It is true.  Let your tired soul rest in that and say with us together…

We will move forward from here!  We are held by His Love!

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, February 11, 2014

From the desk by the window on an icy, cold day.


2 thoughts on “When You Need to Be Held by Love

    • Robin Lawrimore Lewis

      Thank you for your encouragement about the words here. I understand what you wish, and we know that without the death, there would be no change, no new life, no growth. With an eye on the future, knowing Love is solid ground, we walk through all we must. Blessings of strength and insight…for you receive insight for many. ~R


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