This is What It’s About…

Believe in the impossibleSozo Life & Leadership in purpose is about realizing that we still need to learn and grow and change, that we are worth the investment of time and effort to live a better story, a fuller life.

It’s about building identity & value which leads to passion & purpose which builds lives that make a difference in the family, community, church, and marketplace, with actions and words that create a ripple effect that moves people up just like the waves of the sea lift you higher, so that others are also encouraged to live lives of intention, refusing to settle for less than what they and God can accomplish together, bringing change, establishing God’s order, displaying love, honor, and respect, and bringing the Kingdom of Heaven atmosphere to earth.

This is about knowing our authority in Christ, walking in that authority, speaking to enhance life and change, because all created things on earth are under that Christ-authority that has been entrusted to us, and all created things know it, and all created things want God’s order established.

This is our assignment from the One who made us and all we see.  He designed a fuller life, a Sozo Life, and we can choose to get it and walk it out, or continue to believe that it’s impossible.  What do you want for your life and for those you love?  What change do you want to see take place?

rewarding journeyThe blessings of God are chasing us down and we are the main characters in the greatest adventure story!  What kind of story are you living?  Do you want to learn how to live a better story?  You are worth it.  You are designed to solve problems and carry out great things in your life…if you want it.

I want to help you set about pursuing it with eyes forward, with growth and faith and belief in yourself and in what God can do through you.

“Do not [earnestly] remember the former things nor consider the things of old (do not dwell on the past).  Behold!  I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs forth!  Do you not perceive it and know it, and will you not give heed to it?  I will even make a way (pathway, direction) in the wilderness and rivers (abundance) in the desert.”   Isaiah 43:18-19 AMP

(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, February 17, 2014

From the desk by the window on a brisk and sunny day.

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6 thoughts on “This is What It’s About…

  1. cheri

    I really enjoy your posts Robin, but I really like this one because this is what my website [] is all about – but you put it so clearly and simply – your beautiful heart is seen. I love finding kindred hearts.


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