Escaping the Mundane – a guest post

we are sixRebecca Digrugilliers is a wife, mother of 4 girls, and homeschool leader.  She lives in a hard to heat lovely old farmhouse in central NC with her husband, Aaron, and writes on her blog, From My Mountain View, Words, Works & Rabbit Holes.  I have been blessed and inspired by her writing for some time, but this one, this post, I wanted to share here with you.  May it cause you to stop and think and see and enjoy the moments in your day.  We can miss so much being in a hurry, and like Rebecca says…”God placed a miracle in the normal and spoke through it.”

Read on and click to finish the piece.  Love & Grace to you all, friends.

Rebecca blog banner“Escaping the Mundane”

Truth is, we can’t.  We cannot, as hard as we try or strive or feel discontent doing the same old or ordinary or usual, live a life apart from it.  And as long as we are focused on the irritation of the mundane, that is all you and I will see, sweet friend.

This past weekend I heard a recount of the story of Moses and the burning bush, for quite possibly the thousandth time in my life so far.  But this time it was different.

I heard something I’ve never heard before.  A revelation of the simplest magnitude.

Burning bushes in the desert were normal.

Bam.  (Follow this link to the rest of the post.)


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