The One Big Thing the Pioneer Needs

hope anchors soulI’ve been what the world calls “unemployed” for over 3 weeks now.  But I am working hard towards that dream that God put in my heart in 2005 and has been developing ever since.  {And hanging onto that hope-anchor.}

And like a photograph in a dark room, I have been in dark rooms waiting.  Over the last 2 years, an image started developing and I can see an outline and features are starting to emerge.  Exciting, right?  {Fingers grasping tightly that anchor.}

Something is coming into being that never existed – just like me when I was born and started breathing in June of 1960 – this thing has life and I feel like I am experiencing a dream fulfilled that will make its appearance right on time, that will increase the reality of Heaven in hungry hearts,  wherever God calls me to go.  {Pioneering.}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI stood once at the jumping off place in Independence, MO where all the wagon trains filled with families and horses hitched, supplies loaded, headed westward, cutting through new trails so others could follow, heading into the unknown, holding onto hope for a better future.  The ruts are there.  And when I walked there, and stood there, I imagined what they must have felt, that combination of excitement and fear and hope, the decision made to go forward.

Swales-Walking-Trail-at-Bingham-Waggoner-EstateJust like those who have gone before me, I must be careful to let the Lord build this house, and not strive but abide and move forward as He leads.  I heard someone say once that he felt like God had put dreams into the hearts of His children and He was waiting for them to step into those dreams so He could breathe on it and create it in the physical.  {Faith-building hope is ours through Jesus.}

This pioneering creation in my heart is this Sozo Life & Leadership, a speaking, coaching, training company whose first priority is to emphasize and teach the true value of women, and then to encourage all leaders in Christ-like leadership, with men and women working together to expand the Kingdom of Heaven across the globe.  {Being hope-sure keeps you knowing that God does it through you.}

I don’t always have the abiding, but it’s increasing.  And as the Lord leads, this will happen.  And as another friend put it, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”  The words and teaching I bring won’t be received by everyone, but people who hope or believe there is more to life, and those leaders who put God’s principles into practice will be blessed, and will bless those on their team.  Sozo means saved, healed, restored to live out our fullest life.  Let’s get about doing just that!

What dream is in your heart that I can encourage in you?  What does God want to do through you that has never been before?  Hold onto hope.

From the pioneer’s heart at the desk by the window.

Grace & Power,


(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, March 5, 2014


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