The WHY: Encouragement for Life’s Journey ~ Workshop for Women

My first 6 week-long workshop, “Encouragement for Life’s Journey – Workshop for Women” is about to launch!  This is about women knowing their worth and the value of their life and making changes so they can move forward in joy and purpose with a deep sense of meaning.

Encouragement collage FB for Sozo workshopIt will be held at the local library and I wanted to just place my heart about this event on this page.  The penciled in outline for the course is simply this:

A Life-Long Adventure in 6 Weeks!

  1. All of Life is a Journey: Do You Know Your Destination?
  2. What’s in Your Suitcase?  Repacking for Success: Rewire the B.S.
  3. Designing Your Road Map: Writing Your Vision
  4. Starting the Trip: SMART Goals & Accountability
  5. Whose Music Are You Listening to?  Self Talk & Your Brain
  6. Reaching Your Desired Destination: Telling a Good Story with Your Life

We all get older, but we don’t all grow up.  I believe in being a “Life Long Learner.”  As I have applied myself in recent years to learn and grow, its felt like my heart and mind jumped from Fall straight into Spring.  I have lived out each of these steps and I know they work.  But it’s not about having a formula.  It’s about living the one life you have been given by letting go of what’s holding you back and grabbing hold of what will move your forward.

Donald Miller, a favorite author and speaker, created Storyline – a program that emphasizes individual value and challenges us to live a good story with our lives.  There luggage, girl with blue suitcasesare so many things that hold us back that we have to let go of to move forward – bricks in our suitcase as it were – burdens, wounds, fears, etc.  To live a good story, we must remove those and the lies that hold them there, and repack with truth and challenge, rewiring our Belief System, knowing that God’s perfect love will empower what He puts in our hearts.

I hope that what I have learned will be a blessing to the women who attend these God-birthed hours we will have together.  I hope it changes their lives forever.  I hope they will take it and let their new-found knowledge ripple out to affect others around them.  I hope they feel fulfilled like never before as we journey together!

I am so ready for this next step!  It’s corner turning time.  What is your next step in your dream? Give thanks now for what is to come.  And then as the blessings, the God-moments arrive, make your list of 1,000 Gifts like Ann Voskamp and celebrate each one!

These are “corner-turning-days” as my friends, Mike McDade, Kim Borrelli, Andrea` Frondorf, and Paula Cribb know all too well.  When you know the next step, you will feel many things – excitement, fear, ideas, questions of failure, spiritual battle, but reject the negative, speak the truth, and be ready to step out.  And when the momentum is moving, hop on your spiritual surf board and ride that wave!  You can because you know the One who walked on the sea and who has your story already written in His book for you.  And it’s an adventure story!  Yeah!  This is gonna be good.  (big smile)

{The 6 week Workshop begins Monday, March 24, 2014, in Johnsonville, SC.  I am thankful for your prayers!}

Love & Grace,


(c) Robin Lawrimore Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, March 12, 2014

PS: My friend, Nancy Knight, experienced physical healing in her heel tendon this week!  Expect more, my friends!  Expect more from this amazing God!

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