“More than Lipstick” – What is Needed in the Heart of Every Woman

I recently visited a Merle Norman salon to meet the owner.  Since I write and speak about the value of women and men on our journey through life, I thought she might be a great person to partner with to speak value into women’s hearts while they try on make up samples.

lipstickMerle Norman Cosmetics Co has a great little slogan complete with a lipstick kiss print next to it: “Merle Norman…on the lips of every woman.”  Very clever.

While I do have a favorite lip gloss and I do wear make up, we are living in a day where if we do not have the latest shades, or the latest designer dress, new boobs, or latest form of liposuction, we are “told” that we are simply not enough.  We are inadequate, not beautiful, not included, and sometimes unacceptable.

This is the culture we live in.  Instead of building women up, these messages tear women down.  It’s like trying to keep up with the Jones’ – you never can.  I have nothing against any particular company, although I won’t be purchasing anything from Merle Norman’s new Hussy or the My Newest Addiction product lines.  That does not describe me.

If we could let go of being so concerned about being acceptable or beautiful enough or thin enough, we would find ourselves more free to be who we really are.  We were created by God and we already are acceptable, beautiful, and no matter what we weigh, we are just ears pluggedlovely.  We are these things because we are made by Him.  We are totally forgiven, accepted, completely loved, and filled with the most amazing design and packed with astonishing gifts. Is that hard to hear?

To let go of what the world says and to grab hold of what God says about us instead is the definition of Freedom.  He has already set us free, the cell door has blown open, and instead we sit inside not realizing what is available to us.  Some of us have our fingers in our ears to His voice.

I left the shop after meeting the delightful woman who owns it, and wondering about their slogan.  It is my hope that more women come to know their own unique value, come to live sozo hearttheir fullest, most abundant life, enjoying the adventure that life is meant to be with this loving Creator of ours, and I was thinking about that word ‘sozo.’

Sozo means fullest life and begins with identity and value.  And I had this thought: Sozo Life – in the heart of every woman!  That’s my goal.  To keep telling it, God’s loving grace-story about who we are and how He wants us to know Him deeply and bless us in abundance.  How He wants us to know what is capable through His power when we take courageous steps forward.

There are still so many women’s ministries out there whose pink balloons I want to pop with a pin!  I want to throw out their pink plates and napkins and blow away all their fluff. pink party

(Yes, this is a rant, but a rant with an answer.)

Why do I feel this way?  Because women are MORE than that.  Women can be MORE than that.  Women were created by God to co-lead with men.  Not compete, but to compliment each other.  {It’s together we display the full image of God.  Not with one gender lording over another.}  And if you think I’m a feminist, someone who puts down men, I’m not.  We need men to be strong and loving men of God.

I am a woman of God who wants to see other women come to terms with their true identity, that includes embracing their femininity, and learn to step out and live life to the fullest degree of their purpose.

I can.  You can.  Keep telling it and never be satisfied with what you know or what you’ve done.  And there’s nothing wrong with pink and feeling pretty – but there is something very wrong with living a shallow life.  (And I have a most amazing husband who believes in me and makes me feel beautiful and capable. ❤  Photo below.)

The Bible tells us to learn to be like Christ.  It doesn’t tell us how to be a man or how to be a woman.  It doesn’t say, “OK to be a godly woman, you must_______.”  It says learn to be like Christ.  Put God and His Kingdom first, and learn to love others and yourself.  Receive and give grace.  Stand for what is right.  Always be thankful.  Give out of what you have.  Live out an earthly life that brings change in you and the world around you.

That is Sozo Life!  And may it be in the heart of every woman and every man, too!

Jeff and RobinLove & Grace,


This is Jeff and me on our wedding day (and yes, that’s my magenta pink wedding dress).

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, March 21, 2014


8 thoughts on ““More than Lipstick” – What is Needed in the Heart of Every Woman

  1. Truth Within

    Love it Robin! I agree wholeheartly! It is time for us as women to take back our image in Christ! Our relationship with Him helps to validate who we really are! We have been fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving Father. Blessings to you as you continue sharing His heart.


  2. Kim Borrelli

    Wow..wow..wow! Such beautiful power and conviction.. Makes me recall a quote that I won’t get exactly correct, or recall proper credit.. Something like, ..If women ever take hold of the power gifted within them, it will be a force such as the world has never known! So true..thank you for lending your voice dear friend!


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