All of Life is a Journey (Do you know your destination?)

faith-and-reasonWhat is life supposed to look like? We are born, we live, we die. We can’t control the beginning or the end, but we can certainly learn how to live better in between! We get one life, you and I, and don’t we want to live a better story? Don’t we want to live courageously? Don’t we want to dare to do mighty things?

We grow up thinking that we will decide what we want to do and it will look like this little person on the top, when in reality, it looks more like the little person on the bottom of the image.Lifes journeyIt’s not a choice of not moving. We are all moving daily. Some of us may feel stuck, but we are still headed in a direction because time does not stand still.

We travel through life, making some poor choices, and accepting that we are stuck there. We let our circumstances become our focal point and steal our dreams. Sometimes we even give so much of ourselves away that we feel like the real us has leaked out and we’re just a shell walking around, going through the motions, saying yes, when we want to say no.

Some of us have nearly lost all of who we really are, and some of us have lost our voice. And then there are some of you who have traveled different roads that have been more fulfilling. You’ve followed your heart’s desire and accomplished some goals.

But I would venture to say that most of us have believed at one time or another that what we have, where we are, cannot be changed.

walls we buildChange is always possible. But it depends on us. Is there a dream you’ve kept hidden because it didn’t line up with your reality? If you could craft your life differently, if you could write a new story, what would that look like?

We sometimes clothe ourselves in other’s expectations, trying to fit in their box, wear the outfit they’ve given us to wear and we wonder why we’re so uncomfortable. It’s like an itchy sweater!

We will never outperform our self-image. But we can change our self-image and what we believe about ourselves and what is possible. But it requires something. Change requires us to step outside of our comfort zone.

John Maxwell recently posted on FB, “So many of us coast through life, letting it happen to us without giving a thought to what lies ahead or where we are going. Coach John Wooden said, “The choices you make, make you.” It is so important to have direction – to choose a life of purpose and intentional growth. Nothing could be more important than planning. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal; you only get to do it one time.”

I choose to liveAsk yourself, “What could I do if I put forth my best effort? What could I do if I truly committed myself, intentionally, to be all that I can be?”  If we lived up to our potential, we would literally astound ourselves.  What is stopping you from taking a step in that direction?  You know, towards that destination that is your heart’s desire?

Love & Grace,


(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, April 2014



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