The Beautiful Journey Upward

The best of intentions don’t get us where we want to be. The best of decisions does.

If you are hoping for a certain destination, but are making life choices that will lead you somewhere else, it’s time to stop and evaluate.

Choose discipline now, the hard choices, the wise choices, in order to end up at the destination that will make you happy.

Don’t fall for the idea that being a good person or hoping that everything will work out will result in what you want. Life doesn’t work that way.

What do you need to change in order to reach your desired destination?

Love & Grace,
The Beautiful Journey Upward


6 thoughts on “The Beautiful Journey Upward

  1. Rosa

    Robin, thanks for the challenge! I need to remind myself daily, there are two key areas of procrastination in my life at the moment!


    • Robin Lawrimore Lewis

      Hi Rosa! We all have those areas, and I’m trying myself to be more diligent to make the choices that will take me where I want to go. Don’t let anything hold you back from doing waht you know is waiting for you! You have it in you to handle it, and complete it with great success! Love ya, Robin


  2. earthsblessings

    You are so right – It is a Beautiful journey Upward. Though we can find ourselves in some ugly moments, those places where we must make hard decisions to just change. Yet still seeing the beauty of moving forward. Love your heart Robin.


    • Robin Lawrimore Lewis

      My website, like myself, is a work in progress! Thanks, Mom! And yes, it’s KKKKKKKKKK!!! (For those of you not in our family, we love to laugh. My sister and I have asked Mom why she answers our every text with “K” for OK. So now in her wacky sense of humor, she is answering with K’s in repetition! I hope your family has such fun! We are blessed.)


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