When Life Gives You Puzzle Pieces…

…and some of them look like they won’t fit in anywhere!

Many times the way the events of our lives are woven together look like dissimilar pieces of a puzzle.

I’m not much on putting together jigsaw puzzles. I like finding the corners, the edges, and getting the framework lined up, but once the picture gets to require too much time, I’m ready to pass the puzzle baton to someone else.

There was a day in my year of unemployment years ago that I complained to God. I said, “All you ever give me for the vision for my life are just puzzle pieces and I’m just not sure where or how all this fits together!”

Some of my experiences looked like it would take a miracle to bring good out of them, much less weave them into a vision for my life. I rallied myself, got up and gathered the trash to take to the dumpster.

I rounded the corner and all over the steps up to the dumpster opening were puzzle pieces scattered all about. I just stood there. I could feel God whispering, “It might all seem scattered and in pieces now, but just you wait and see what only I can do with that. It’s going to be good!”

He truly can take anything and put it all together.

Love & Grace,
When Life Gives You Puzzle Pieces...


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