Created to Speak

Created to Speak

Have you thought about the fact that human beings are the only created thing that can form words? Made in God’s image, we are not only able, but asked to speak His truth over every other created thing in a way that brings Life, restoration of order, comfort, healing, and love.

You were not made for silence. (Although there are times to be quiet!)

I lost my voice for many years – afraid to use it when it was needed, or to try and have it stomped on.  Experiences like that can crush your voice as well as your identity.  I practiced using my voice to say how I felt or what I needed.  I spoke truth over my own life and watched things change.  Now my life is different.

I teach in a workshop “You will have the life that comes off your lips.”

Whether you are a man or a woman, your speech has creative ability. What are you creating with your words…about yourself? Others? Your job? Your family? Your spouse?

Speak in a way that is life giving, be part of a movement, and watch what happens!

Love & Grace,


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