Why it’s Important to Honor our Dads

Robin, Dad  Dad and meMost people know him as Louie Brice and he’s my Dad.  I always know he believes in me and loves me. He chose to take what he learned from his parents, and grow it into more so that we never had a reason to doubt his provision and care for us. I get my desire to write and connect with others from him. So glad God the Father gave me to my Dad. We plan to visit him with a coconut pie (his favorite!) and spend some time there.  He will usually bless us with a story or two of when he was a boy.  It usually involves horses, guns, or snakes, but is always entertaining.  We never know how many more days any of us have left together here, so I want to show love while I can.

Aaron, Rebecca Dec 2011 Aaron and girls I am thankful for another Dad – Aaron Digrugilliers, married to my oldest daughter, Rebecca.  Aaron is daddy to my four granddaughters. From the birth of the first one, he has been heavily involved daily in their lives, and is always reassuring his little girls of his love, protection, and care.  One of my favorite memories of Aaron was after the birth of one of their children, he waited at Rebecca’s side to make sure she was OK, holding her hand.  When he was certain, he moved swiftly to the side of the baby where he whispered into her ear how glad he was that she had been born, and how much he and her Mommie love her. He kept talking to her and she quieted and was listening.  Even the whispering voice of a father is very powerful.  He, too, is as fine an example of a father as I’ve been blessed to see.

Jeff - LighAnd I honor my husband, Jeff Lewis, as another amazing Dad and fine leader! His sons, Andrew and Jackson, are blessed because of his love and involvement in their lives.  Even though they are “grown” he calls and invites them regularly to come eat with us, go to church, and just to see how they are.  He is still teaching them about life, and they, knowing his love, still want to learn from his experience.  Hugs are regularly given.Andrew, Jessie, Parker

Phone pics etc 8-21-13 3860Even if you did not have a Dad who showed up or spoke of his love for you, you can still honor him as a person created by God.  And God will heal all our wounds because none of us have perfect parents.  But to honor is to recognize and witness your father’s life without judgment and with love because of who they are.  You were not put in their life by accident.  God purposed it and God purposed you.  We are all His idea!

And to honor the Creator of all, Father of all, is certainly right and good!  We bless you, Abba Father, Daddy God, as One whose love knows no bounds and no end.  We bless our own fathers, for without them we would not be the people we are.  As each generation builds upon the next, take gladly the blessing and multiply it to those close to you.

I love you, Dad, Aaron, and Jeff!  Thank you for what you bring into our lives.

Love & Grace,


(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership 2014


2 thoughts on “Why it’s Important to Honor our Dads

  1. Shirley Cherry

    Beautifully said, Robin, and so many of us have these same feelings towards those in our lives. I am thankful we had such good Southern gentlemen as our fathers who taught us so wisely.
    Enjoy your time with your sweet dad because you will miss him terribly when he is gone. Most of us your age do..


    • Robin Lawrimore Lewis

      Thank you, Shirley. If we don’t say what needs to be said while we have our family, we miss wonderful opportunities to give and receive love, and to connect honestly with who we are in relationship with. I think so many times that I wish I knew my Dad better than I do, but I still have today.

      So while it’s today, don’t miss a chance to give honor to someone in your life. Advice for all… Much love to you!


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