The Journey to Fulfillment (and why we don’t often choose it)

woman at computerThere are times, if I’m still enough to listen, I can hear the battle in my mind for my moment or my day.  Recently, I realized I was feeling unfulfilled, testy.  The thoughts were something like these…

“Why is it so hard?”

“Why can’t this work out better?  With less effort?”

“Just put it off.  I don’t have to do that right now.  I am not sure what to do anyway.”

“If I stick my neck out again, what if nothing comes of it?”

“What if no one wants what I have?  What if this doesn’t succeed?”

“Maybe I’d better check Facebook or do another webinar to get ideas.”

I have a life purpose that is bigger than me.  I am called to do a certain thing and I have been doing it full-time since February.  I practically flew out of the starting gate like California Chrome, and like that horse, my career / calling had its ups and downs quickly.  Such is life, such is learning, such is the journey to becoming better.  But when we listen and realize what is happening in our thought life, we must step in and interrupt the conversation!

I can let that play out and become discouraged (the enemy’s goal to stop me), or I can jump in and declare truth over my moment, my day, and my life.  When I know the Truth, it’s that Truth that will set me free from the lies attempting to run through  my mind.  If I appropriate it.

But it takes effort.  And we read all the writers who tell us all we’re capable of accomplishing, and we take it like a vitamin and then sit down.  It’s like expecting to become more fit, but not ever leaving the couch.  (We are all culture-influenced.)

So I stopped the thought flow and asked, “OK, Father, what am I hearing?  Why do I feel unfulfilled?”  I heard in my spirit, “You know the things that lead to fulfillment, but you’re not doing them.”

In other words, I know what I’m called to do, but I’m letting these “what if’s” stop me while I try to figure out the best way, instead of seeking the Lord and then taking action!  We must do something in order to have or accomplish something.  And thank God that He lets us get dissatisfied in order to move us forward.  He’s a great Dad.

I believe that Jesus was thrilled to go back to Heaven for one reason: He wanted us to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit living inside us.  He knew what that was like, and wanted it for us.  A returning to God’s original plan for the life of people!  We have full access to a Spirit-led life.  We have full access to all the Father gave the Son, but we don’t appropriate it.

If you know your calling, what you should be doing, but aren’t, you might want to get still and ask the Holy Spirit to show you the thought conversation happening in your head.  And believe me, the best way to make it stop is to seek the Lord’s guidance and take an action step.  And adversity?  Yeah, you can expect it.  There will always be opposition to God’s plan.  And since He fulfills that plan through us, we will have to face adversity.

We can let fear rule the day, or we can stand in the authority given to us and clear some more brush from the Kingdom path we’re blazing and make a way for others to follow.  This is the journey to fulfillment.  This is the way to Sozo Life.  Let’s get moving.  Like Ann Voskamp says, “Everything the Lord has for you is over the fence of fear.”

purpose for me

Grace and more Grace,


(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, June 26, 2014


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