A Hope Daisy a Day

A Hope Daisy a Day I do love fresh flowers, although I don’t often indulge because their vase life is so limited. My daughter brought me some recently. Bouquets always have daisies, and daisies are happy flowers. It reminds me of what I need to hold inside, and what holds my insides.

It’s the one thing in this life we can never grasp tightly enough. When everything feels like it’s slipping from our fingers, this is the thing to hold firmly. It’s hope.

Hope is spoken of in the Bible as “an anchor for the soul” – the hope we have in Jesus and His ability to be our beginning and our end, holding all things together as we trust Him.

A man once wrote, “Show me what you trust, and I’ll show you what you fear.” I’ve found that my fears just can’t stand up to my hope and it’s there because I have found it to be one of those solid, impenetrable things of life. As long as I choose or remember to believe there is reason for hope, I can carry on no matter what the circumstances.

“And hope does not disappoint….” Never, no never. What do you hope for? What is your heart tempted to give up on? Grab hold of hope with both hands and choose to keep that attitude. What we stare at grows larger.

And I’d rather look at daisies and believe there is reason to hope.

If you’d like to share a prayer request for what you hope for, feel free to email me (Robin) at sozolifeleaders@hotmail.com. We’ll hope together.

Grace & peace,

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, July 2014


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