What to Do When You’ve Failed Again

So you’ve messed up again. OK, we all do. We’re all fixer-uppers.

{Only look at your sin, mistake, wrong words, whatever it was – only look at it long enough to bring it to Jesus and ask forgiveness. Then BELIEVE YOU ARE FORGIVEN, receive His grace, and take the next step forward.}

There is danger in staring at our faults, our weak places. Whatever we focus on grows bigger, for better or for worse. Focus on the now, with your eyes on the Lord Jesus, and the future brightens, and the moment given becomes a gift.

And yeah, walking through that thing you did, it may have its consequences, but even this experience pays forward. You will be strengthened when you place your life in God’s hands. Only He can weave it all together for good.

Grace for the journey,

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, August 2014
What to Do When You've Failed Again


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