The Human Challenge: To Let Yourself Be Loved

To Let Yourself Be Loved If you are learning, like I am, to let yourself be loved, then you are standing on the threshold of being a world changer. For when we know how to receive love and love ourselves, then we know how to love others.

I’m convinced it’s not in us by default.

We are born freely asking for what we need, but as life happens and disappointments stack up like firewood, it’s the little matches of rejection or fear or abuse that set it all ablaze.

And the truth is, we need what we build to turn to ash. It’s only in the removal of all our towers that we turn to Jesus.

The Bible says that God IS love, His very nature being love. Jesus said “No one has greater love than this, than to lay down his life for his friends. I have called you friends.”

When we let that Love inside, when we let it heal our wounds and rebuild us strong, then we are able to let that love be available for those around us, one person at the time.

And then we see it. That loving people really can change the world.


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