Want Something That Feels Great & Always Multiplies?

“Bye low, sell high” says the investment banker. “Find low, lift high,” says Robin, me, just another one of us who need encouragement daily and find it by giving it away.

My goal is to find 3 people to encourage every day.  And we don’t have to travel far.  In the course of a day, have the courage to open yourself up a bit and look for those who cross your path.  You may be headed in different directions, have different color skin, or attend a different church.  That stuff doesn’t matter.

Will you have courage to take the lead and lift others up on the journey along with you? If you want and need encouragement as badly as I, then find it with me this way:
What to Do About Our Great Need for Encouragement

It’s the way forward, the way home, the way to a full heart and a fuller life – found by taking time to bring encouragement and offer it like bread, we find it in us. We find one low, and refuse to let go until we have lifted them up out of their mire.  Will you be challenged to leave your comfort zone?  You betcha.

Find Low, Lift High!


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