Jehovah Sneaky Opens Doors

Are you a person of influence? If you were born, the answer is yes! Every choice we make carries influence in its heart. When we think about fulfilling our purpose or living intentionally to connect with and influence others with love and honor, remember that God is pretty great at setting up appointments for us that we were unaware of until they happen. Sometimes we may not realize what has happened until later.

As human beings, we were created to desire meaning in our lives. The very definition of being God’s child is saturated with meaning and significance. Watch for doors He may open that you didn’t expect or had never considered.

I believe we all have Heavenly invitations “in the mail” for places we’ve never asked God to take us – surprises from Him, for us, for many. Those invites will come with the words, “Who will go for us?” May we answer as Isaiah did with, “Here am I. Send me!”

Lance Wallnau┬áhad an amazing experience this week. Here’s what he posted on his Facebook page.

Random Meetings and Angels
You guys know how I talk about Angels setting up divine appointments??? Well, a bunch of you have been praying for me as I arrive in Singapore, so…. I thought you might want to know how mischievous your prayers are.
While getting over jet lag I sat down today for lunch in Singapore and a nice fellow sits to my left. He just flew in from Lahore Pakistan and his name is Anwar Fazal.
He asked what I do and I gave him the sort of confusing answer I usually give as I try to explain what I do. Somehow he got it.
And him? Well, he just last week got done preaching to 500,000 people in Pakistan. That’s half a million people at one time. THAT’S like 10 Madison Avenue evangelism rallies in a row. He does these meetings all the time. He has to have a lot of security but he is nationally loved.
I got his card and asked about his media company “Isaac TV.” Thinking of how valuable he would be reaching Muslims in US cities. (Check him out on Facebook!)
BUT then came the moment I realized this was another ‘Jehovah Sneaky’ set-up. He asked me if I’d like to come and preach. I froze. Thinking I misunderstood him… I changed the subject but he asked again.
I don’t know if I ever answered him. My guess is that most preachers would trip over themselves to go. Anyway, I’m doing the opening session in a conference in a few hours. Please pray I have clarity and utterance. It’s a real global type gathering and I’m afraid more doors are going to open to places I never prayed to go to.
Welcome to the sometimes scary, very REAL call of God.

Seriously, life with God is a total adventure! Have you experienced doors opening in your life that will enable you to do that thing for which you were created? Maybe you don’t know what “it” is yet. Either way, watch for opportunity to come your way. God doesn’t just love you, He likes you and is interested in your life looking like a God adventure – full of trust, inner peace, risk, adventure, and even rest. Press into Him and watch to see what doors open to you!

God opens doors

From another sojourner with grace & peace,


From the desk by the window on a sunny day

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