A Time to Speak for Freedom

dreams fearsThe importance of our nation is continually reinforced to me. It seems that America is always fighting for freedom, for freedom will always have an enemy. We didn’t just win freedom ┬áin 1776 for independence as a nation, in 1865 for freedom of slaves, in 1920 for women to vote, or in the 1960’s with civil rights. We are continually having to guard our freedoms and recreate a nation of freedom for all. And it matters what’s written in ink, but it matters more how we live those freedoms.

The American Family Association has created a video concerning Christian freedom. There are those who want to silence the voice of the Christian, the one who follows and learns to be more like Christ. This has nothing to do with a church affiliation and is not against any group. This is about people who worship together coming under attack.

If Muslims were coming under attack and arrested for praying the way they desire, it would be just as wrong. So I’m not elevating one religious group over another. But…we cannot safeguard all religious freedom if we allow any one group to be silenced in the right to worship guaranteed by the Constitution.

I’m asking you, no matter your background, race, religious choice, or lifestyle, to speak for freedom. We are all here together in community and the choices we make today create our tomorrows. Watch the video, share it if you want, but don’t stop there. Live out freedom by showing love and respect for those who are different from you. Anyone can love people who like they are, but love really matters when we love and honor those who are different, so let freedom show in your actions.

You can watch the 3 minute video here: A Time to Speak.

This is our responsibility. If you think it doesn’t really matter that much, look in the faces of your children and grandchildren. It’s time to use your voice for freedom again.

Grace, peace, & prayers,


(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, Oct. 10, 2014

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