Lift the Gift {Finding the Treasure in the Storm}

The floods will come. I have been called repeatedly this week with prayer requests for serious concerns. Yes, floods come and take many forms, but they do come, and we have to be able to rise above to breathe in the midst of the rushing waters of life.  Each day we face whatever that day brings, walking where God leads us, and trusting Him to be our life raft. He has promised many things to us. One promise is that no matter what happens, if we are seeking and following Him, He knows how to bring good out of the difficult, the horrible, even the deadly. Like a skillful weaver, God is able to use everything we walk through for our long term good.

sea stormy

lighthouse storm

  storm field

I have learned to watch for the promise hidden inside the problem. I have found the treasure in the storm. I’ve learned that there is always a God-gift in every circumstance.

When we look for and find that gift, we can lift it right out of what is troubling us or the situation we are in. Many times, we see the gift later in the rear view mirror of life after we have crossed through a painful place. Whatever your difficulty today, ask God for clear vision to be able to see the good He brings and “lift the gift” out and hold it in your hands. Thank Him for it and tuck into that heart-pocket of memories that builds faith.

Even when we don’t see victory with our eyes, we can develop the habit of embracing victory inside our hearts. The choices of others may have affected your life, but others don’t have control over your thoughts or your heart. We can be victors in the midst of anything when we seek the Lord, trust Him to bring something beautiful, and “lift the gift” we find. Choices like this change us and eventually change everything around us. May we become ones who influence those around us for good, encouraging others to “have eyes to see” and search out the gift.

You may be in the middle of a very difficult journey right now, even resenting these words. It’s OK. Call out to God to help you and He will. Even when we can’t see it or feel it, we are loved with an everlasting love! Feelings don’t change facts and certainly don’t change God’s promises to us. Ask Him to show you the gift, the treasure inside your storm.

“Lift the gift” and share it, tell it, and watch what happens when we thank God from a hard place. You will find that your fear of storms begins to lessen because your faith in God has grown and you trust Him to be with you on the journey. You may find that you become willing to risk more because you are so certain of His goodness.

storms of life

Love & Grace,


From the back porch on a sunny December day, the dog asleep at my feet.

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, December 5, 2014


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