First Ever Radio Interview {Taking Our Voice Out}

We know we have to regularly step out and try something new if we want to accomplish great things. We’ve heard it and heard it, until right now, I’m about to lose you with this dialogue. Let’s switch gears then.

When have you had an opportunity find you? You know, the kind that God must have orchestrated, where someone calls and you wonder how they found you, hiding in your small house in your small town with your small self. You may have felt small, like me, and suddenly someone is at your internet door wanting to find out something about you!

microphoneDo what? You think I’d be a what?

All I have to do is answer your guided questions? All I have to do is talk? Well, people tell me I know how to do that!

That’s how it happened. I recently did my first ever radio interview for GoFlo Radio, a division of Muffuletta Media in Florence, SC. I had tried holding a conference call once and was miserable because I couldn’t see the faces of those I was connecting with. It felt like no connection. I like to be there in person so we can sit, talk, maybe have coffee. So that we really listen to each other and understand. So that there’s a hug when we both stand to go. That I can do, but radio?

Kevin Barron is a wonderful host – in restaurants, in their home, and even on the radio. He made the whole radio thing into a conversation between the two of us. And isn’t that what life is? A continual conversation, a connecting with God and other people, where you share wisdom, experience, and blessing in a life-giving way? I think it’s meant to be that way.

So I took my voice out.

I took my voice out and let it stretch it’s wings a bit. I had fun. Something new wasn’t threatening after all, it seemed. It was pleasant and exciting, and I’m still wondering about it. It sounds like it was my first interview so don’t compare me to your favorite TED Talk. But the point is this: I used my voice.

I used my voice and will again because I am supposed to use my voice to FREE other’s voices! (That’s right, now this is about you.) You have a voice, too, and it matters. We need to hear what you think, what you struggle with, what you dream. We need the wisdom to flow from your experiences that will be life-giving for the rest of us. So with this post consider yourself “found” in your small house, your small town, with your small self. Only you and I are not small, are we? We may feel small at times, but we have been created with great significance by a very big God, who out of a very big love gave us the ability to converse with Him and each other in relationship.

So take your voice out and share something today with someone whose path crosses yours. Be a life-giver. And when someone comes along who is to be a life-giver to you, I pray you listen and receive and feel greatly loved. Because you are.

A favorite verse for me regarding this idea is Psalm 45:1.

My heart overflows with a good theme! I recite my words for the King. My tongue speaks like the pen of a ready writer.

When we have let God’s love so fill our hearts and minds, our hearts will overflow with the good news of it! The encouragement from that kind of heart will want to tell what He has done in us. We don’t have to impress others with our words, just seek to share our own good theme!

If you’d like to listen and share it, here’s my “First Ever Interview” with Kevin Barron. I hope you enjoy it, laugh at it, and be encouraged to try something new yourself. And if I can encourage you in using your voice, just let me know. I’d welcome the opportunity! My email is Click the link, then click play!

GoFlo Radio Interview

Loads of Grace,


(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, December 30, 2014


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