The Half-Eaten Slice of Cake {When You’re Tempted to Settle for Less}

“In the vision, I saw you pick up a plate with a half-eaten slice of cake and you began to eat it. Someone else had already eaten half of it, but you took it anyway, settling for less.”

cake, settle for less, dreams, destiny

There is a piece of cake in your life. It’s a whole slice and to be eaten only by you. It’s something you’ve desired and prayed for, a dream that God placed in your heart, and you are waiting. This is when you must be careful because something else that looks very much like it may come before you. “Is this the direction I am to go in? It looks like it could be,” you say. That is the most important time to be still and wait. God has promised us specific direction by His Spirit.

Your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” so that you do not turn to the right or to the left.  (Isaiah 30:21)

Have you written out the vision as you know it now? When we take time to write out the dreams or visions we believe God has given us, then we are more able to recognize His leading. We become more willing to let Him tweak it and us in the process.

We aren’t to be satisfied with a half-eaten slice of cake, and God doesn’t give us the leftovers. No, God wants you to have all of what He has promised! And He has made plans for your life that are spectacular! When you don’t know what to do, rest. When we rest in Him, it builds strength to receive clarity. When you know you’ve heard His voice, then step forward. He wants to bless you with a fulfilling and meaningful life that makes a difference.

{This is a Kingdom life, so we wait for the King’s instruction, knowing He will provide all that is needed and protect us along the way.}

It’s a journey where every step is precious and significant, just like you.  And you never have to settle.

(I hope my cake is pound cake.)

Loads of grace,


(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, Robin L. Lewis, January 12, 2015


4 thoughts on “The Half-Eaten Slice of Cake {When You’re Tempted to Settle for Less}

  1. Jimmy

    Never, never, never just settle. With Gods wisdom we learn to move forward.
    Sometimes things may look bleak, pray for strength. It’s there for the asking.
    When you’ve made major mistakes in your life, you pray to God and thank him for the bandages he can place on your broken heart.
    I needed this today. “I’ve laid my burden down”.


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