When Accomplishments Seem Small

When Accomplishments Are Small
When we were children, we played the game “Mother, May I?” We didn’t like the instruction to take 10 baby steps, we wanted to be told to take 6 giant leaps or 5 cartwheels! We wanted to be the first to reach the finish line.

We take the thinking and strategy of these childhood games straight into adulthood and wonder why there aren’t more giant leaps.

To stay encouraged and to build our faith in God’s timing and plan in accomplishing our goals, we need to learn to celebrate small accomplishments. Have you made those calls? Have you stopped to rest? Have you gone through the day with quietness in your soul? Maybe you ate healthy today or exercises. Maybe you listened to a friend.

These may seem small, but are still significant accomplishments. Small is not small in Heaven’s eyes because God, in his goodness, multiplies our efforts as we trust Him.

Self-condemnation never feels good. Before you judge yourself harshly, be a friend to yourself instead.  You are worth taking care of and worth treating well!

Grace & Peace,

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC


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