Are You Choosing Easy? (Be a Hero}

Yesterday someone said to me that what she felt called to do felt really outside her comfort zone. I replied that one’s comfort zones is like a prison cell with the door open. You like staying inside and looking out through the bars, even though you can walk out any time you choose.
So why do we choose easy and comfortable? Because it feels safer,  we resist change, we avoid challenge, and we live in a culture of an easy chair.

Don’t Choose Easy

If you’re reading this piece, you’ve grown up in an era where entitlement has been a strong influence. It’s almost like there’s been an invisible banner plane that flying daily over your home and your town, and the banner reads, “You deserve to have what you want!”
This is a growth stopper, a halt to progress, a killer of dreams, and all that is possible. Believing that you deserve to have what you want causes you to become inward focused, willing to settle for less, that results in a lack of caring about other people and determines whether or not you leave a positive footprint of your life in the world.
Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, wrote another book he called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years in which he challenges the reader to not settle for a comfortable life, but choose to live a better story because all our stories matter. He says if you live your life like a story, make it a good and challenging one where you accomplish meaningful things, so that no one shrugs their shoulders when the credits roll.
“Every life is a story. Whether it is a story worth telling and talking about, though, is up to you. People set out with grand dreams of changing the world, falling in love, doing something amazing. But the drift toward the merely acceptable happens almost without notice. That does not have to be your story.”
The “Keep Calm” signs are trending. Have you seen them?
I like the following one better because I believe we were created to live amazing lives that challenge and stretch us while deepening our dependence on God. We were created to be life givers, problem solvers, and even misfits!
Yes, this one is my favorite.
keep calm change world
In Blessing Your Soul, Arthur Burk writes, “The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford were all derided as fools. Dial up the craving to express what is in you so that it is more dominant than the natural drives for self preservation and community approval. Don’t fit the culture and live small inside. Be a misfit and unpack the treasure within you!”

Don’t let your dreams be stolen by the easy life. Be your own hero.

Looking for a hero to cheer on? Learn to be your own hero, a person whose choices, decisions, and dreams won’t fit in the easy chair. Every great choice you make increases your self respect and builds your faith to try for more!
  • What have you not tried because you have become willing to settle for less?
  • What have you closed the door on because of fear?
  • What will people talk about at your funeral?
  • How is your life designed to impact the lives of others?
  • And even more, what seemingly impossible dream did God design you to achieve that will make a positive difference in the world, that if you don’t do it, it will never happen, and your life will miss its potential?

There. That thing. That’s the one.

Be your own hero and bring the hero out in others. That’s the definition of a leader who leaves a positive ripple effect everywhere they step.

Don’t choose easy. Choose the hard, the challenging, all the while remembering if you were created to do it, then all of Heaven is backing you up.
For nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37)
Let me know if you’d like to talk out your dream with me. It would be an honor to encourage you in the living of your story!
Loads of Grace for the Journey,
From the desk by the window dreaming of what is possible on a sunny day.
copyright-symbol Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, March 2, 2015

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years byDonald Miller, (c) 2009, Thomas Nelson Publishers and Blessing Your Soul by Arthur Burk, (c) 2014, Sapphire Leadership Group.


2 thoughts on “Are You Choosing Easy? (Be a Hero}

  1. Taylor

    This was a big encouragement at the perfect time. I would love to discus my dream, I have a few different ideas about how to start preparing, I’m nervous about starting. It’s hard to know where to begin.

    Liked by 1 person

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