When Fervent Prayers Seem Unanswered {God is still Amazing God}

Thursday night and all day Friday of last week was a whirlwind of prayers. My daughter’s youngest, Naomi, seemed to not be able to recover from the stomach flu that had made it’s way into their home. At age 2, you don’t wait around too long before seeking help when nothing swallowed is kept down all day and weakness and lethargy are increasing. We connected the states we live in by phone and connected our hearts before God praying fervent prayers for her for them to not be answered.

Around 12:30 a.m. they decide to take her to the children’s hospital, and after lab work and x-rays, was where she really needed to be. An MRI found the problem. Her small intestine had telescoped into itself at one place, which can happen with severe diarrhea, but it can cause intestinal death at that point, and can be life threatening for the person. (The medical term is Intussusception.) She needed a non-surgical procedure to correct it. From our knees we hear that amazingly it worked the first time and Naomi avoided surgery.

This little person was knit together in her mother’s womb just over 2 years ago and the same Father God who knit her together then, knew exactly what was wrong this time, and what was needed.

Rebecca Naomi March 2015

If our prayers had been answered the way we first prayed, the real problem would not have been discovered until she was possibly in serious danger.

Sometimes we approach a problem with fervent prayers of faith, believing, and reading the Word, and our prayers seem to not be heard. It’s not that they are not heard, for God even knows the next word on all our tongues! But He also knows fully and completely what is needed for fullest life. That’s what He goes for! Complete healing, complete restoration, and complete joy. The Shalom kind of work that only He knows perfectly well and can do perfectly.2015-03-06 13.45.14

While this precious mom was with this little one, her labor began to bring forth the next daughter of God…in another hospital about 10 minutes away. Bright and early about sunrise on Saturday morning, Hannah Evangeline Ruth left the womb and came face to face with her parents.

2015-03-07 11.15.53 Aaron, Hannah 3-7-15 Rebecca, Hannah 3-7-15

They welcomed the little one into the room. Funny, she had been in the room all the time, but suddenly they were face to face. My daughter said God doesn’t do anything half way, but wants a relationship with us “face to face”.

So as we learn to trust His love for us, we can learn to trust even when prayers are not answered the way we think they should be because, after all, only God is God. He can always see fully into every circumstance in every life and knows what is best.

Be still and know (remember, be fully aware) that I am God (and you are not). Psalm 46:10

What a relief to know the One who sees all and is always working for our good and meeting every need. And when circumstances don’t turn out the way we want, and loss comes? We still say He is God and can see us through anything as we lean on Him.

Rebecca writes, ” It was SO unbelievably good for my mama-heart to hear Naomi sounding like her healthy self. It’s been hard not being able to be there for her, but God has had His arms around her the whole time. She’s His girl, too. He is so trustworthy. I’m grateful that the God who goes before us is also the One who faithfully walks with us. The roller coaster of watching your baby go through something traumatic and the joys of both seeing her well and a new life be born, plus ya know the whole physical aspects of delivery… It has been so much to deal with the last 4 days. But here’s the thing: we can get so caught up in our plans that are “ideal” that they can become an idol. This has not been at all what I would have wanted, much less what I would’ve thought I could handle. But when we’re aware of our helplessness in the face of events before us, it opens us up to the realization we can either totally freak out and try to go it alone or to walk unsure step ahead of unsure step in humble dependence on The Lord, continually reminded of His presence. And even when things don’t “end well,” it’s not really over when we think it is because we know who hung the stars in space and knelt down to kiss the dirt with His own breath to create us. It WILL. Be. Okay. “So, consider it all joy whenever you are enveloped in various trials…” These are gifts. Not because God CAUSED us calamity, but because they remind us to rely on Him alone.”

And a recovering Naomi’s strength is returning. She is home and playing with her sisters again. Father God, you wow me. Not what we wanted, but what we all needed was to see God in action. We are blessed, and as my daughter says, “every bitter thing is sweet” in His hands.Naomi leaving hospital

Loads and loads of grace,


From the desk by the window, feeling very relieved and completely thankful.

*To read more of Rebecca’s writing, visit her blog From My Mountain View and her Facebook page. Her honesty and transparency make you feel like you can be more honest yourself. Her gift is truly beautiful.

(Photo 1 is Naomi with her mom, Rebecca, and photo 2 is big sister, Abigail, holding a sleeping Naomi. Photos 3-5 introduce Hannah and her mom and dad. There are 5 girls now!)

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC – March 2015


4 thoughts on “When Fervent Prayers Seem Unanswered {God is still Amazing God}

    • Robin L. Lewis

      Of course! Those were my daughter’s words and I’m sure she will be glad to know the phrase blessed you. It certainly touched my heart as well. God can take anything we face or walk through, any bitter thing, and make it sweet. Thanks for commenting! Love and blessings to you, Kristi.


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