When Our Perfectly Ordered World Breaks Down {and we try putting the pieces back together}

When Our Perfectly Ordered World Breaks Down {and we try putting the pieces back together}

men talkingWe like our perfectly ordered world. We pass friends on the street who ask, “Are you having a good day?” We do a mental run over the hours and if everything has gone according to plan, we reply, “Yes, I’m having a great day. And you?”

We’ve forgotten that each day has challenges of its own. We know this is true because Jesus said it, but we don’t like it, not one bit. We still strive for perfect order: laundry done, kids fed and obedient, gas in the car, bills paid, and do we like the color we are wearing? Yes, then it’s a good day. Contract signed, profit margin is good, goals are being met? Yes, it’s a good day. We feel in control.

But things don’t stay that way. Even if we lived alone on an island, we wouldn’t be able to control the winds or the tides. There are always things beyond our control.

Accidents happen, people die, friends behave badly, a hospital stay is required, the spouse gets drunk, and the children don’t want to eat what we cooked. To top off the day, the neighbor is not as concerned as we are that their dog has chosen our yard for its bathroom. And our stress level goes up and up. {Jesus knows broken days.}

It’s then we make a most important choice: attempt to control all events and people involved without dealing with our stress by putting the pieces of our day back together ourselves, OR we turn to God in full dependence for all we need to make it through (yet again), first pouring it all out to Him. The first choice brings more pain, the second brings peace.

woman, despairWhen we attempt to control, it’s usually by rearranging, explaining to everyone the new plan, and using threats if necessary for compliance. We even can go so far to write new rules hoping that will restructure and order our world. We fear looking wrong or weak and reach our for power. We create a Humpty Dumpty Day using the glue of frustration and wonder why it won’t hold.

But when we go to God with it all depending on Him for help, it empties our mind of the emotions, stress, and fear enabling us to hear His voice and lead us through the day as we walk with Him. I call it the Oxygen Mask Principle. If we care for ourselves first, getting what we need from God, then we won’t hurt ourselves or others with our stress and words. Instead we will be able to give help to others we are traveling with in life.

We can place our fragile, fearful lives in God’s hands with a simple request for help, knowing that He has promised us everything that is needed, especially His presence. God’s perspective and plan are always better becauseHis ways and thoughts are nothing like ours – they are much higher. He doesn’t get worried when our day falls apart. He knows what will come, and has already planned a way through it for us. If we come to Him in dependence when life seems to go wrong, we can be assured He is very capable of loving and leading us at the same time. Then we can love-lead those around us in gentleness.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but He has given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)

We were created for dependence on Him, and it’s the very thing we don’t want, but the very thing we are in desperate need of to survive. He created us to walk with Him and live with the benefits of His power, love, and a sound mind of peace. It’s what Jesus came to restore that is now freely available to us. And when we need to call a friend or seek professional help, it doesn’t mean we have failed. It means we’re about to grow.

Pain or peace? We get to decide every day. Choose well by giving up control for God’s hand of help. The greatest comfort in daily life is having a deep and dependent relationship with God. With Him, we no longer have to run; we can rest and breathe easy.

Loads of Grace and Forgiveness for your broken days,


From the desk by the window on a Daffodil day where I can’t control a single thing except my response to His voice and the offering of His hand. Yes, that feels better. ❤

(c) Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, April 3rd, 2015


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