Create Every Day {Some things I learned this week}

Brendon BurchardThis week, I watched a video by Brendon Burchard and he revealed his social media plan. Recently I participated in a Lunch & Learn about Facebook for business, so I thought I’d show up for this one as well. They might just fit nicely together.

Brendon is one of the most listened to people today – an encourager, life coach, and trainer, he is the author of The Motivation Manifesto – 9 Declaration to Claim Your Personal Power. And I’m reading it, slowly. (Get your free copy by clicking the link above. Seriously! You only pay the shipping. Do it!)

With Brendon, you always get more than you expect and that was the case again. He loads you up with value! Here are my notes to share with you. You can watch this video if you like, but if you don’t like, just keep and use what you need from this list:

  1. Read inspiring words first every day, words that get you thinking in a bigger way. It may be your favorite author, the Bible, or a list of affirmations, but begin the day inspired.
  2. Create something new and unique every day. Creators are followed on social media! It might be a blog post, a photograph, or a few lines written down to share, but create.
  3. Be disciplined and keep your appointments with yourself for reading, writing, and creating. Honor them like you honor the appointment with a surgeon and don’t let anyone draw you away from this time.
  4. Create multi-purposed things. From one video, you may pull some quotes to place on images for posts. The transcript of the video can become a blog post. The audio can be a podcast. Continue drawing from and using all the bits and pieces you can from your one time creation.
  5. Post things all over – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, whatever you use – post there. Brendon posts on Facebook 4 times a day and has more followers than Hillary Clinton.
  6. Pull content from past blogs, videos, etc. to use again!
  7. Work at it. Keep posting regularly. Stay consistent and be there! Showing up in someone’s newsfeed with quality content gains followers, and showing up a lot just works.
  8. Do everything with heart and passion. Show that you sincerely care. If you don’t care, people will know. Decide if you want to be a follower or a thought leader. Choose thought leader and use your voice to speak your own message into the world.

Every day, capture one unique thought, one unique lesson, and put it out there with passion. Capture one thing every day – it’s why you’re here; it’s your art. “No matter how small you start, start something that matters.” (Brendon Burchard)

Loads of grace,


From the desk by the window with the dog asleep in his bed, and I’m headed out for lunch with a friend now. See you later! Come back soon!

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, July 31, 2015

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