Way Past Time for This {a thank you}

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I was thinking this morning what a remarkable year this has already been. I’ve been blessed to connect with so many of you and knowing you has changed my life.
I recalled my mother’s reminder,
“Always say please and thank you” 
so I wanted to write today and do just that. This is for you…
To all the non-profits, churches, schools, businesses, and institutions
who have invited and welcomed me for speaking,
encouragement, workshops, seminars, and more,
Thank you!
To all of you who read my words on my blog, in She Magazine, and
The Morning News and who leave little messages for me about
what those simple words of encouragement meant to you,
Thank you!
And to all of you who receive individual coaching from me – I so love getting to know you, hearing your story, challenging your growth, and watching you soar into more of your potential.
Thank you!
Together we are growing. Together we are choosing to examine ourselves,
grow intentionally, lift others up, and we are changing the world a moment at a time. Continue in your growth, letting your gifts and strengths shine!
The rest of us need what only you bring to the world.
God designed each of us that way –
to be change agents, history makers, and light bringers!
So strengthen your strengths, give yourself
grace when you fail to learn a little more, and keep going.
You never know the impact of one life until you live yours to the fullest.
Now for the “Please” ~
Would you help me get the word out?
This is life changing truth that encourages people to live their lives with meaningful purpose through receiving my speaking, writing, and coaching. So, please
  1. Recommend me to your friends and co-workers,
  2. Forward this email to others,
  3. Visit my Facebook page and click that little “Like” button, and while there…
  4. Leave me a 5 star review with what my humble words of truth have meant to you.

Thank you! Keep being a positive person in a negative world, speaking truth and encouragement, and living your own Sozo Life!

Building with the Power of Encouragement
Loads of Grace,
From the desk by the window on a sunny Saturday morning where I’m feeling thankful and blessed!
(c) Robin Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, August 1st, 2015
Talks, Workshops, & Mentoring Available at Sozo Life & Leadership
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