Take Off the Bifocals & Look Around!

I wear bifocals and it’s great – one pair of glasses for distance and for reading the fine print! When faced with small print, like me do you find yourself trying so hard to read and understand it? It’s like a challenge that becomes a distraction until your head hurts. That’s how it is with life. We can get so distracted by the small things, the little worries and cares, that we miss the big thing God is doing in our life.

George, vision, squinting eyes

We get focused on the problems, the little fires and trying to put them all out, and afraid we won’t have enough to handle it. We get focused on money, relationship problems, or worse, other people’s business, and we miss that still small voice that says, “My love, My dear one, look unto Me! Let me help you lift your eyes to see around you. I want to show to you all I am doing in you and in your world. There are much greater things to focus on and do, but not without looking to your Heavenly Father first! Oh how I long that you would turn and gaze on Me, then all these other things that concern you will be held safe and solved in My big hands. Don’t be distracted by the small waves about your feet for I am the King of the storm and can bring peace when you look to Me.”

Usually in desperation, we stop (again) and make time to sit with God and converse with Him. Peace returns and vision becomes clear.

Develop more intimacy in your relationship with Him, so that you are aware of His presence no matter what comes your way. See these little fires, these little stormy waves, as just what they are – small and cared for by a very real, very big God who loves you very much.

Do you realize your own need for a deeper relationship with God? Do you want to grow in your own identity, value, and purpose to live a more fulfilling life?
Don’t squint through life. Call or email me today about personal growth life coaching or speaking at your event at robinlewiswords@gmail.com or (843) 319-5390.

Loads of grace & mercy,


From the desk by the window where vision is becoming more clear!Robin jeans library wall


(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, August 24, 2015



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