What is just beyond what you can see? {the problem with our eyes}

thoughts, focus, leafI’m convinced that our eyes are linked directly to our belief system. But before I get ahead of myself, our belief system is made up of all the information, teaching, and experiences we’ve had so far and all that is filed away inside the file cabinet of our mind. The beliefs that link to our heart and emotions are the strongest.

So when we know God has called us to do something and circumstances look impossible, or days into the journey the attacks come with arrows of discouragement or fear, and all we can see says “Turn back as fast as you can!” – that’s a problem. For if we only depend on what we can see with our eyes, then our faith will be very short-sighted!

They say the place of miracles is when we have nothing left that we can see and we have to depend on God. He wants us to know Him this way – to know that nothing is impossible for Him, that nothing in our earthly life causes Him to worry, and nothing makes Him sweat.

If we leave God out of our equation, then we only have us and our problem, but when we include Him, anything is possible.

Me + my problem = Me and my problem

Me + my problem + God’s solution yet unseen = Anything is Possible!

When Jesus came walking on the water and the disciples saw Him and were afraid, He assured them by saying “Hey guys! It’s Me, Jesus!” Peter was bold enough to say, “Then call me to come out to you on the water!” Jesus replied, “Come!” As soon as Peter became  more aware of the stormy waves about his feet than he was about the miracle of Jesus, he started to sink, and so will we. Jesus was just beyond what Peter could see physically and reaching out, lifted him up out of what wanted to drown him.

When it’s hardest, let’s practice keeping our eyes fixed on the only One who is above every earthly circumstance, the miracle-working God who created us and all we see, and may we and keep going. Jesus will be there to take hold of us when the seas of life are roughest and lift us up above them.

The place of miracles! Isn’t that the best place to be? It grows us and grows our faith and we get opportunity to “walk on the water” that wants to drown our dreams. Thankful we have a Father God who is faithful, forgiving, and full of grace!

Much love,


From the desk by the window on a dew covered morning where the world is quiet.Robin 9

For information on growing spiritually, please contact me at
robinlewiswords@gmail.com. I am a professional speaker, writer, and certified spiritual life coach ready to help. Remember you are precious to God. Let Him grow your faith for He is faithful to watch over you!

(c) Robin L. Lewis, Sozo Life & Leadership, LLC, Sept. 3, 2015


5 thoughts on “What is just beyond what you can see? {the problem with our eyes}

  1. Shawn Johnson

    Hi Robin,

    This is another inspiring message from you!

    We “kicked off” our Fall women’s Bible study last night. We are looking forward to October 17 and spending some time with you!

    If you have anything digital that you can send me for the 17th, I can forward it or pass it on to the group.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Sent from my iPhone


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  2. Barbara Travelstead

    Once, when we lived in Goldsboro, I called you in a frantic state of mind. What I could “see” was terrifying me. You boldly told me on the phone, “You need to get your eyes off yourself and put your eyes back on Jesus”. That was the best advice I could have gotten and you’re still reminding me of that. Within five minutes of me praising Jesus, one of my many miracles occurred. It was an answer to prayer when I let go and let God. I love you, your sister.

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